Aspirin at $1.10 per tablet

Drug companies are exploiting a loophole to charge higher prices for combination medicines.

30 Apr 2014 | Pharmaceutical companies are exploiting a drug pricing loophole allowing them to charge a higher price for combination medicines than the cost of components, costing the government and consumers millions.


Hulu blocks Australian viewers

Geoblocking services in doubt as popular US-based internet video streaming service prevents access.

30 Apr 2014 | Australian viewers relying on geoblocking services to watch their favourite shows on US sites could miss out now that Hulu is blocking VPN users.

The new cervical cancer test is considered more effective.

New cervical cancer screening test recommended

Test is 'more effective' than current regime, according to the Cancer Council and MSAC.

30 Apr 2014 | A new cervical cancer screening test recommended by the Australian Medical Services Advisory Committee could soon replace the current pap test with one every five years.

Picture of Samsung Galaxy S5 phone

Cameras fail on Galaxy S5 smartphones

Software bug affects camera in early production models.

30 Apr 2014 | Samsung's flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone is experiencing camera failure across the world. The software bug affects a "limited number" of early production models.

It's expected the government will introduce a debt tax for people earning over $80,000

Taxpayers face ‘deficit levy’ in Budget

If you're bringing in more than $80,000 you can expect to pay an extra 1-2% tax while the Budget is in deficit, according to reports.

29 Apr 2014 | Earning over $80,000? It's expected you'll have to pay an extra 1-2% tax while the budget is in deficit.

Internet Explorer vulnerability exposed

Internet Explorer vulnerability found

All versions of Microsoft's most popular browser exposed to attack.

29 Apr 2014 | Internet Explorer has been found to have a new vulnerability deemed serious by security experts.


High-tech ATM skimming alert

NSW police have issued a warning to ATM users following the discovery of more sophisticated ATM skimming cameras used by gangs in Sydney.

29 Apr 2014 | Gangs are using more sophisticated cameras in ATM skimming, making ATM users more vulnerable to card fraud.

Pile of credit cards

Credit card reward schemes fall short

Credit card reward programs can cost customers more in fees than they give in rewards.

29 Apr 2014 | Unless you're a big credit card spender, reward schemes are rarely worthwhile.

Fingers tapping computer keys

Centrelink computer outage leaves consumers in the lurch

A Centrelink computer failure has left consumers seeking child support and other services empty-handed.

28 Apr 2014 | A Centrelink computer failure has left consumers seeking child support and other services empty-handed amid concerns outdated government systems are vulnerable to attack.

Apple to fix iPhone 5 power button problem

Free fix for faulty iPhone 5

Apple is offering a no-charge repair for iPhone 5 power button problem.

28 Apr 2014 | Apple has admitted that a batch of iPhone 5 models has a faulty power button and will fix the affected phones for free.

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