Heartbleed bug brings internet to its knees

Heartbleed bug an internet 'catastrophe'

Security flaw puts the sensitive information of millions of users at risk and forces system changes on major global websites.

16 Apr 2014 | The Heartbleed bug isn’t a problem with PCs or software, but with the internet itself, so antivirus software on your PC won’t fix it.


Refund rights for cancelled Rolling Stones concerts

If a concert is cancelled or postponed, consumers are entitled to a refund.

15 Apr 2014 | The postponing of The Rolling Stones Australian concerts has left consumers in the lurch. CHOICE looks at your rights when it comes to getting a refund.

Commonwealth Banks systems outage

Commonwealth Bank suffers outage

Customers left in the lurch as bank's electronic systems crash.

15 Apr 2014 | Commonwealth Bank suffers outage, leaving customers frustrated.

Doctor examining young child

Male weight loss good for baby

Ground-breaking pregnancy study focuses on father's role.

15 Apr 2014 | Study finds that male weight loss before conception improves prenatal development.

The ACCC admits to privacy breaches.

ACCC admits to privacy breach

Personal data of newsletter subscribers made accessible online.

15 Apr 2014 | The ACCC admits to privacy breaches from several of its websites that exposed email addresses of subscribers to its newsletters.


Woolworths breaches ACCC fuel undertaking

ACCC takes action after Woolworths breaks promise on not offering high fuel discounts.

14 Apr 2014 | Court finds that Woolworths breached fuel shopper docket undertaking, but later offers by Coles and Woolworths did not.


Google kicks off cloud storage price war

Google Drive and Mediafire have thrown down the gauntlet to Dropbox and competitors by slashing prices and dramatically boosting storage limits.

14 Apr 2014 | Google has jumped into a cloud storage price war by slashing the cost of its online services.


NSW measured up on health

Report compares the NSW health system against the health systems of Australia and 10 other countries.

14 Apr 2014 | A new report shows NSW stacks up well in some aspects of healthcare, but affordability is an issue.

Financial adviser acting in the company's best interests

ASIC inquiry revisits CBA debacle

Financial planners favoured bonuses over clients' interests.

14 Apr 2014 | A CBA whistleblower has painted a grim picture of the bank’s financial planning division at the government inquiry into ASIC.

Quack: duck with stethoscope

Black salve warning

Alternative medicine promoted for treating skin cancer doesn't work and can in fact cause skin damage.

14 Apr 2014 | Black salve is promoted as an alternative cure for skin cancer. However, there's no evidence it works and it can cause significant injury and permanent scarring.

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