Apple increases price of apps

Across the board increase will hit Australian app store customers as the end of the sub-$1 app era arrives.

7 Apr 2014 | You’ll have to reach deeper into your virtual wallet for iPhone and iPad apps, following across the board price increase in Apple’s App Store for Australia.

NSW energy prices will be deregulated as of July 1

NSW deregulates electricity prices

From 1 July, NSW electricity prices will be regulated by the market as the requirement for a set electricity price disappears.

7 Apr 2014 | NSW electricity prices will be regulated by the market with the requirement for a set electricity price to disappear.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Free anti-theft features coming to Samsung smartphones

Manufacturer to crack down on rampant phone theft.

7 Apr 2014 | The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will include two complimentary security tools.

Cloud services

Peak data could be a looming disaster

Could we be running out of room on the Wi-Fi spectrum?

7 Apr 2014 | User demand for wireless internet and other services is testing the radiofrequency spectrum, according to a report by the CSIRO.

Broadband has made us all richer.

Mobile broadband boost

Australians are each $650 richer thanks to the growth of mobile technology.

4 Apr 2014 | Mobile broadband has meant a big boost for the economy according to a report from ACMA.

Computer locked up

Optus cable security threat fixed

Telco accidentally left "back door" open to hackers.

4 Apr 2014 | Optus has removed a cable modem security flaw which could have compromised the accounts of tens of thousands of its customers.


CWA calls for ban on sale of energy drinks to kids

Thousands sign a petition after increased reports of adverse reactions to heavily caffeinated drinks in school children.

4 Apr 2014 | A rise in consumption of the heavily caffeinated drinks and reports of serious side effects in children has led to the CWA to call for energy drinks to be illegal for under-18s, requiring proof of age at point of sale.

why dark chocolate is good for the heart

Why dark chocolate is good for the heart

Turns out dark chocolate is more than just a tasty treat - it's also good for heart health.

4 Apr 2014 | Chocolate lovers, it's time to rejoice because there's another reason to eat dark chocolate.


Australian airport profits up but service quality 'stagnates'

ACCC says major airports must invest more to cope with growing passenger numbers and congestion.

3 Apr 2014 | Major airports need to address the demands of more passengers and greater congestion.

optus customers who entered into a post-paid plan after 26 January and new customers up until 16 May will be given the option of cancelling their plans due to a misleading ad

Optus customers can terminate plans due to misleading ad

An Optus ad earlier this year misled viewers by saying that there was minimal difference in coverage between Optus and Telstra

3 Apr 2014 | A misleading ad has given Optus customers the right to cancel their plans.

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