Harvey Norman fined salesperson represented as pinocchio

Harvey Norman franchises in hot water over misleading misrepresentations

Latest action by the ACCC brings total penalties paid by Harvey Norman franchises to $234,000.

20 May 2014 | The ACCC takes a further four Harvey Norman franchises to task over misleading or deceptive representations made in store by staff about the Australian Consumer Law.


Wind-back of FoFA will cost consumers

The government wants to wind back consumer protections for financial advice. What will it mean for you?

19 May 2014 | You might not know it, but your consumer protections are about to be watered down. CHOICE has produced an infographic to help people understand impact of proposed changes to financial advice protections.

Peanuts and beanut butter on bread

Allergy rates on the rise

Experts call for more public awareness.

19 May 2014 | The rate of Australian children who suffer from food allergies and intolerances is rising, as experts call for more public awareness.

No to the Budget placard display

Budget backlash spreads

Protesters and state premiers call for a rethink on cuts.

19 May 2014 | State premiers and protesters lash out at Federal Budget cuts and convene special meeting.

telstra optus vodafone and virgin mobile logos with tablet and smartphone

Telcos crunch consumers

Telstra, Optus and Vodafone come under ACCC scrutiny for signalling their intention to raise contract fees.

19 May 2014 | The ACCC is concerned about comments from the telco giants amid booming profits and increased consumer costs.

Apple iPhone 6 is on its way to Australia

iPhone 6 to be bigger and sharper

The iPhone 6 will not only be bigger but also higher resolution, with a 4.7-inch version in August and a 5.5-inch model in September, according to reports.

16 May 2014 | The new iPhone 6 will be known as the iPhone Air and will come in higher resolution in two sizes, with a choice of 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch screen, according to widespread reports.

Set of scales with a bag of money

Budget reply: we will block you

A fired-up Bill Shorten has said Labor will block many of the tough measures of the first Hockey/Abbott Budget.

16 May 2014 | Opposition leader Bill Shorten’s Budget-in-reply speech indicates Labor will block many of the measures flagged in the 14/15 Budget.

woman exercising on beach for heart health

Exercise crucial for heart health

Inactivity is the greatest heart disease risk for women over 30, reports study

15 May 2014 | From age 30, physical inactivity more than any other factor affects a woman’s lifetime risk of developing heart disease, reports a Queensland study.

Doctors and nurses rushing patient to surgery in a hospital

2014 Budget wrap: States angered

The federal government has outline $80bn worth of cuts to the state and territories schools and hospitals. And premiers and chief ministers aren't happy.

15 May 2014 | States are revolting over the federal government's budget cuts to schools and hospitals.

Qantas plane sitting on top of money

Qantas introduces weekend surcharge

A raft of new surcharges for Qantas' international flights at peak times, such as the weekend, are being introduced.

14 May 2014 | If you're flying overseas with Qantas on the weekend you'll have to pay for the privilege.

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