Aussie banks caught up in billion-dollar hack

Australian banks among targets of cybercriminal network that attacked banks around the world over two-year period.

18 Feb 2015 | Hackers studied employee movements remotely, then mimicked day-to-day activities to avoid suspicion.

woman reading food labels in supermarket

How to make healthier choices without scrutinising food labels

Health Star Ratings have been added to FoodSwitch app for easier healthy shopping.

17 Feb 2015 | Health star ratings have been incorporated into the FoodSwitch app, helping you choose healthier packaged foods without having to scrutinise food labels.


Frozen berry fiasco

CHOICE is calling for action on country of origin food labelling following the frozen berry recall

16 Feb 2015 | The national recall of contaminated frozen berries highlights the need for country of origin labelling.


Samsung smart TVs serve up unwanted ads

Samsung admits its smart TVs add pop-up commercials over users’ own movies.

16 Feb 2015 | Samsung's privacy policy says its voice recognition function may be recording your personal conversations and transmitting them to a third party.

can of coca cola soft drink on the beach

Sugar in soft drinks

What will it take to make you rethink your drink?

13 Feb 2015 | 'That Sugar Film' is coming to our screens, prompting us to take a look at how much sugar is in popular soft, sports, energy and juice drinks.

phone in pocket

Smartphones compare well to other step counters

Want to count your steps without getting yet another gadget? Your smartphone may be the answer.

12 Feb 2015 | A US study comparing smartphones with wearable fitness trackers, pedometers and accelerometers found the phone is just as good at recording steps.

CN smart tv

Samsung smart TVs are listening to what you do

The privacy policy for Samsung smart TVs doesn't rule out recording and transmitting your personal conversations.

11 Feb 2015 | Samsung's privacy policy says its voice recognition function may be recording your personal conversations and transmitting them to a third party.

ipad with stethoscope on it

We can now predict disease outbreaks using the internet

Should we be concerned?

9 Feb 2015 | We can now predict disease outbreaks around the world by using personal information taken from social media, blogs and page views. But how should we use this power?


Kogan enters online grocery market

Supermarkets face increased competition as starts selling discounted grocery products.

9 Feb 2015 | In a shake-up to the supermarket sector, online retailer has started selling grocery products such as household cleaning and personal care products.

whole grain cereal

Whole grains linked with reduced risk of premature death

Whole grains a key to longer life, Harvard researchers have found.

6 Feb 2015 | The secret to a longer life span could well be in the humble whole grain.

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