NSW Fair Trading cracks down on auction underquoting

$22,000 fines could soon be coming for dodgy real estate agents.

14 Jan 2015 | Real estate agents who intentionally underestimate property prices for auctions should be afraid - very afraid.


AirAsia leaves consumers stranded

Airline sells tickets for a route it’s not allowed to fly

13 Jan 2015 | How can you get a refund from a cancelled flight? We explain your rights.


CES 2015 shows off latest tech

The latest tech gear from the wonderful to the weird and wacky – here's what created the most buzz at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

12 Jan 2015 | What new technologies will you be using later this year? The four-day tech free-for-all trade show in Las Vegas is where tech companies come from across the globe to showcase their latest tech, much of it for the first time.


Cash for containers in NSW

Will Premier Mike Baird defy Coca-Cola to implement a cash for containers scheme in NSW?

9 Jan 2015 | NSW is set to become the third state after South Australia and Northern Territory to introduce a container deposit scheme to get litter off the streets.

girl eating chips

Big W's after-school snack attack

Big W is advertising after-school snacks in its back-to-school catalogue. But how nutritious are they?

8 Jan 2015 | We calculate the Health Star Ratings of after-school snacks promoted by Big W, and suggest healthier options.


Our Click Kings ad campaign

CHOICE takes aim at fake online reviews.

7 Jan 2015 | CHOICE takes aim at fake online reviews in our latest ad campaign.

several jars with transparent water

Natural therapies likely to have benefits stripped

A leaked version of a government review into natural therapy found no conclusive evidence to show it works.

6 Jan 2015 | It looks likely that the 17 natural therapies under review will no longer be eligible for the partial subsidy received through the government's private health insurance rebate.


Woolworths to feel the heat from ACCC.

The consumer watchdog has turned its attentions to supplier complaints.

6 Jan 2015 | Supermarket giant Woolworths is under scrutiny by the ACCC after a number of complaints from suppliers.

man celebrating new year on a mountain at sunset

Top consumer resolutions

From finance to shopping to travel, we lay out the smartest choices for 2015.

29 Dec 2014 | We outline the best ways to stretch your money in the new year.

computer key with recycling symbol

Recycle your Christmas e-waste responsibly

Found a new phone or laptop under the Christmas tree? We show you how to safely recycle the old one.

25 Dec 2014 | Many people receive brand new electronic gifts for Christmas, which often replace their old or outdated models. Free e-cycling services will take your old tech off your hands and safely recycle the parts, keeping dangerous chemicals out of landfill.

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