Dodgy fuel dealers

Consumers might be getting more than they bargain for at the bowser.
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01.Are consumers getting what they're paying for?

Consumers might be getting more than they bargain for at the bowser. CHOICE has encountered reports of stations selling unleaded petrol as premium. Others have come under fire for selling contaminated fuel, causing damage to cars resulting in mechanics bills running into the thousands. Despite a range of Federal Government checkpoints to ensure consumers get what they pay for, some retailers are slipping through the net.

Consumers can determine if they have been sold an inferior product by measuring mileage: a tank filled with premium travels further. The ACCC also relies on complaints from within the industry and from the public to detect dodgy traders.

Sale of contaminated fuel, incorrect labelling at the bowser, and reports filed by consumers are monitored by the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (DSEWPC). According to a spokesperson, 264 reports were lodged during the 2009/2010 financial year.

There are currently no resources available to warn consumers about dodgy traders. Privacy laws prevent the disclosure of the results of DSEWPC’s testing. If you suspect you have purchased contaminated or incorrectly labelled fuel, contact them via their website or on 1800 803 772 and email us at



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