DFAT uninvites journalist from TPP briefing

CHOICE is disappointed by the continuing lack of transparency surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and calls on consumers to sign our TPP petition
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A journalist has been uninvited from a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) briefing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement negotiations, despite the fact that the invitation (which has since been taken down from the DFAT website, although CHOICE has kept a copy) stated that it was open to “members of the public, and business and civil society stakeholders”, and made no mention of a ban on journalists attending.

Earlier today, CHOICE learned that journalist Josh Taylor of ZDNet was told not to attend the event, despite having received a confirmation of his RSVP earlier in the week. According to Taylor, he received an email on Tuesday, which said that TPP briefings are "off the record" and therefore members of the media are not "eligible" to attend. After a social media backlash, DFAT reportedly told Taylor he could attend the briefing in a "private capacity", meaning he cannot record or attribute any of the briefing material.

The briefing, which will be held this afternoon on 30 October at the NSW DFAT State Office and will be attended by CHOICE, will provide an update on the TPP negotiations and an opportunity for further stakeholder input.

CHOICE is currently campaigning against the secrecy that has surrounded the contents of the TPP. We’re calling on the federal government to release the details of what's in the TPP. 

Sign our petition calling on the government to bring consumers to the table and release the text before the TPP is signed. Don’t let Australia trade consumer rights away.



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