'Greener' Apple's buy-back program

Tech giant offers up to $250 trade-in for old iPhones and iPads in all Apple retail stores across Australia.
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01.Store credit for iPhones, iPads


Apple has launched its “Reuse and Recycle” trade-in program in Australia, giving customers the opportunity to grab up to $250 of store credit for their old iPhones and iPads.

The buy-back program has opened up in all 21 Apple stores across Australia, a year after it opened in the US. It’s the second big green announcement from Apple, who last week announced that all Australian stores, and over 140 US outlets, are running off 100% renewable energy.

Not all devices included in buy back

Under the program, trading in an iPhone can net you up to $250, while older iPads can earn up to $215. However, only a handful of devices are eligible at the moment. Apple stores will only recycle the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPads released after and including the iPad 2.

The original iPad and iPhones released before the iPhone 4 (eg the iPhone 3GS), as well as the latest models including the iPhone 5S, 5C and the iPad Air, won’t be accepted. Any credit received from the scheme can only go towards the current generation of iPhones and iPads.

Before the “Reuse and Recycle” program kicked in, Apple was offering 10% off the cost of a new iPod in exchange for any old iPod or mobile phone, and free recycling on computer gear if you bought a new Mac. While these are available online, Apple’s “Reuse and Recycle” is available through stores.

Recycling schemes such as this can provide a strong incentive for consumers to help tackle Australia’s growing e-waste problems. In September 2013 for example, there were an estimated 23 million unused mobiles sitting in homes across the country – just under one phone per person.

If you have any old computer equipment or mobile devices kicking around the house, check out our guide to recycling your e-waste responsibly.

New Apple–IBM partnership targets big business

This week Apple also announced a partnership with old rival IBM targeted at big business. The tech giants will be cooperating on a mobile development, called “IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions”. The focus is on creating easy-to-use business apps for small and large companies using Apple’s iPhone and iPad range paired with the “big data” analytics strength of IBM.

The partnership will include development of 100 industry-specific enterprise solutions including apps, developed exclusively for iPhone and iPad, along with IBM cloud services for iOS that include device management, security, analytics and mobile integration.

The deal will also see IBM selling iPhones and iPads loaded with MobileFirst apps to its enterprise customers. The deal is important for both companies, giving IBM a successful mobile computing platform its products and opening the gateway for Apple into enterprise computing. Though the partnership is focused on enterprise computing, it is expected that benefits will extend into the consumer market down the line.


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