ACCC makes ATM fee announcement

The ACCC has approved the move to abolish fees in remote communities.

16 Nov 2012 | Following recommendations from the ATM Taskforce Report, the ACCC has authorised the scrapping of some ATM fees in remote Indigenous communities.


Regulator rejects free range farce

ACCC rejects Egg Corporation’s proposed free range standards.

6 Nov 2012 | The Australian Egg Corporation Limited’s proposal to increase outdoor free range stocking densities 13-fold has been rejected by the ACCC.


The banks have been ranked

Big banks are graded on their response to customers in financial hardship.

5 Nov 2012 | The Financial and Consumer Rights Council has ranked the big banks on their performance in helping customers in financial hardship.


New CHOICE food-origin-labelling survey

Consumers want to be able to support Australian farmers and manufacturing jobs.

5 Nov 2012 | A new CHOICE member survey shows country of origin labelling continues to be vital for consumers who want know where food is manufactured, as well as where it’s grown.


Coles adopts olive oil standard

Private label oils to meet Australian Standard by year’s end.

1 Nov 2012 | Coles has announced its private label olive oils will comply with the Australian Standard by the end of 2012.


A plan for affordable energy

We're calling for a package of essential reforms to make energy more affordable.

29 Oct 2012 | CHOICE is working with community and business groups to seek urgent reforms that will fix our broken electricity system.


Windows Surface RT tablet first look

The future of Windows computing - Windows 8 and the Surface tablet.

26 Oct 2012 | We take a look at Microsoft's first "Surface" tablet computer, with the special Windows RT operating system.


Apple announces iPad mini

This smaller tablet plugs the gap between the iPod Touch and the iPad.

25 Oct 2012 | Apple's iPad mini announcement ends months of speculation and throws down the guantlet to 7-inch tablet rivals from Google, Samsung and Amazon.


ACCC calls for action on rising electricity prices

Australia’s consumer watchdog says it’s time to get serious on energy market reform.

25 Oct 2012 | ACCC states that processes to stop rising electricity prices need to be more than ‘box ticking’ exercises.


Greens propose free range egg laws in WA

Western Australia becomes the new front in free range fight.

24 Oct 2012 | A Green MLC in Western Australia has introduced a bill to limit free range claims to farm with stocking densities of 1500 birds per hectare.

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