A pair on hands on a shadowy computer keyboard

Tax scams on the rise and getting trickier

Six thousand complaints so far this year.

17 Jul 2014 | The ATO and the ACCC are warning consumers not to fall for the latest round of phone and email scammers who pose as government officials during tax filing time.


The Financial System Inquiry releases its interim report

Interim report ‘a great starting point’ for reform.

17 Jul 2014 | The Financial System Inquiry’s interim report includes a focus on consumer protection, but misses the mark on banking competition.

drug survey results, pills

Drug survey: smoking, heroin and ecstasy use down, meth steady

Plain packaging of tobacco and increased cigarette prices seem to be working.

17 Jul 2014 | Smoking rates are down and more young people have never smoked, according to the latest National Drug Strategy Household Survey.


Wind-back of financial protections proceeds

The government’s watered-down financial advice reform survives a vote in the Senate.

16 Jul 2014 | The controversial changes to the Financial Advice laws, or FoFA, are to proceed after the Senate failed to block new regulations.

Netflix on mobile devices

Netflix ranks second among media subscription consumers

Software company Pocketbook's data shows Aussies are prepared to pay to access the media content they want.

16 Jul 2014 | Subscription-based Netflix is gaining in popularity among Australian consumers willing to overcome geo-blocking to access TV shows and movies without the restriction of release windows.

medicare levy surcharge money

ATO gets tough with Medicare levy exemption cheats

Taxpayers dodging payment of Medicare levy to be identified under ATO-led attack

16 Jul 2014 | A new ATO program cracks down on people unfairly claiming exemption and shirking payment of the Medicare levy.

baskets of organic vegetables

Organic food benefits: study findings flawed

Research claiming that organic food contains more antioxidants and less heavy metals has limitations, say experts.

15 Jul 2014 | Experts are critical of a new study which found organic foods have higher concentrations of antioxidants than conventionally grown crops.

Doorway of an apartment building

Buying a house as expensive as renting, says the RBA

New research looks at the total costs of ownership.

15 Jul 2014 | A discussion paper released by the Reserve Bank says it costs about the same to own or to rent a home in the current market.


Energy rating app launches

Free energy rating app that lets you compare energy efficiency based on dollars instead of kilowatt hours makes sense, but CHOICE found room for improvement.

15 Jul 2014 | A free Australian government smartphone energy rating app translates the energy rating star system into dollars for consumers.

Poison logo

Pesticides reforms off the table

The federal government has axed reforms to agricultural pesticides that were due to take effect in July.

14 Jul 2014 | A scheme that would have introduced systematic review of agricultural pesticides has been removed, risking consumers' confidence in our food supply.

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