baskets of organic vegetables

Organic food benefits: study findings flawed

Research claiming that organic food contains more antioxidants and less heavy metals has limitations, say experts.

15 Jul 2014 | Experts are critical of a new study which found organic foods have higher concentrations of antioxidants than conventionally grown crops.

Doorway of an apartment building

Buying a house as expensive as renting, says the RBA

New research looks at the total costs of ownership.

15 Jul 2014 | A discussion paper released by the Reserve Bank says it costs about the same to own or to rent a home in the current market.


Energy rating app launches

Free energy rating app that lets you compare energy efficiency based on dollars instead of kilowatt hours makes sense, but CHOICE found room for improvement.

15 Jul 2014 | A free Australian government smartphone energy rating app translates the energy rating star system into dollars for consumers.

Poison logo

Pesticides reforms off the table

The federal government has axed reforms to agricultural pesticides that were due to take effect in July.

14 Jul 2014 | A scheme that would have introduced systematic review of agricultural pesticides has been removed, risking consumers' confidence in our food supply.

Carton of eggs imprinted with financial terms

Superannuation fee disclosure shows room for improvement

ASIC investigation finds inconsistent adherence to new disclosure rules.

14 Jul 2014 | A recent ASIC investigation into fee disclosure practices in the superannuation and managed fund industry has found plenty of cause for confusion.

Google launches ISP speed tool, image of Google logo with a magnifying glass

Google launches YouTube speedometer to compare ISP speed

Google's new tool tells consumers whether a different internet service provider could deliver videos faster.

14 Jul 2014 | Australian consumers can now compare their ISP's speed against others with Google's Video Quality Report.

Body clock affected by diet image of baby yawning

Body clock is affected by what we eat and when

Diet has an impact on the body's circadian clock, research has found.

11 Jul 2014 | Travellers with jet-lag, teenagers who sleep till mid-afternoon, and sufferers of narcolepsy and insomnia may need to change their diet and mealtimes.

App screens for dementia, image of ipad with stethoscope on it

ACEmobile app screens for dementia

New app should make screening for dementia easier and more reliable.

11 Jul 2014 | ACEmobile, a recent iPad app, can help doctors and nurses screen patients for dementia.

Obesity shortens life expectancy an obese man in a crowd

Extreme obesity may cut life expectancy by 14 years

Obesity on par with smoking in the life expectancy stakes.

11 Jul 2014 | A study has found that the extremely obese have, on average, a significantly reduced life span.

Adobe Flash logo with band-aid

Adobe patches Flash Player

A flaw in the well-known software program could allow hackers to steal your login details if you don't update your browser.

10 Jul 2014 | Flash Player hole could let hackers steal login details for sites such as eBay, Twitter and Google. Browser updates are critical to patch vulnerability.

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