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How to join CHOICE Online
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What do members get?
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What do members get?
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FAQs answered

First time on this site?

You've probably heard of CHOICE, the magazine for consumers, produced by the Australian Consumers’ Association. This is CHOICE Online, a website that will help you save time and money when it comes to your next purchase. We do the work for you — testing, trialing and ranking everything from digital cameras and fridges to supermarket prices and health insurance.

We’re completely independent — we raise our own funds through subscriptions to our print magazines and membership of our website. We get no freebies from manufacturers, and we don’t take any advertising. Our thorough testing is funded by you, the consumer.

Now that you’re here — here’s how to use the site:

Become an online member

For just $23.95 a quarter, you get full access to hundreds of product tests and reports from CHOICE and CHOICE Computer. You’ll also get additional content exclusive to CHOICE Online such as videos, podcasts, interactive product comparison tools and member feedback. See more about what members get.

Browse the free area

You will get:

  • General information and advice on consumer products and services.
  • Some food and health reports.
  • Consumer action campaigns.

You won’t get product tests and recommendations.

Already a personal subscriber to one of our magazines?

Yes, I want to join CHOICE Online.

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How to join CHOICE Online

  1. Click on Join now on the top right of the website or go to the Membership page.
  2. Under CHOICE Online Membership or CHOICE Online membership plus CHOICE magazine click on the button that says Buy now.
  3. The next page will ask whether you're a new or existing customer. If you're a new customer click Create an Account. If you already have an account put in your ID and password in the grey boxes provided.
  4. If you can't remember your password, click 'Forgotten your password?', type in your email address (your ID) and we’ll send your password to that address if that's the email address you used before.
  5. If you can't remember the email address that you used to register before, you can register again with a different address – if you do use the same address the shop will tell you “someone is already registered with that ID” and you can then request your password.
  6. Fill in all details to create an account. The clue question and answer are used if you telephone us so we can check your ID - they're not used for requesting a forgotten password.
  7. Click on Save My Details and if the same page is redisplayed you've left out something essential. Check the message in red at the top.
  8. Click on Go to checkout.
  9. Put in your credit card details and click on Buy now.
  10. You are now a member and you're logged in. You can immediately browse any premium articles on the site. If for some reason you are presented with a page that says you have to join or login if a member, just login again.

Great, take me to the Join now page.

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Why join?

Ten good reasons to become a CHOICE Online member:

  • We'll help you be a savvy shopper.
  • You'll save time and money.
  • You'll be the first to get product tests and recommendations.
  • Comparative tables help you pick just the right product for you.
  • It's a mercifully ad-free environment.
  • You can easily search for past CHOICE reports.
  • You can get CHOICE Computer online.
  • We give consumers a voice through our campaigns.
  • It costs less than one take away coffee a week to be a member.

OK. So that's only nine reasons...

  • You'll feel so relieved because we've done all the monotonous hard work for you.

And two compelling arguments:

Information you can trust

We buy all the products we test – we don’t accept industry freebies and we don’t take ads. We're non-profit and our work is funded by people like you.

We're the good guys

We lobby government and industry on your behalf and watch out for your interests. For example, we campaign to:

  • Stem the tide of increased bank fees.
  • Stop children from being bombarded with ads for junk food.
  • Put a stop to manufacturers making misleading green claims.

You’ve convinced me! I’d like to join now.

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What's Premium content?

Premium content is information that can only be accessed by CHOICE Online members, such as product test results and best buy recommendations.

Become a member

Online members have full access to all premium content on this site with no time restrictions. This includes product tests and recommendations, interactive product comparison tools, videos, and comments from other members.

Single-report purchase

Some premium reports are available for individual article purchase. Buying a single report allows you three months access to the report on the CHOICE website. After the three months has lapsed, you will no longer be able to view the premium content. 

The report itself will not be sent to you, you can access it on the website.

Many of our reports can only be accessed by CHOICE Online members and are not available for individual purchase.

Free information

There's plenty to choose from:

  • general buying advice
  • information on your rights as a consumer
  • current campaigns
  • polls
  • reports on food and health

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How is CHOICE Online different to CHOICE magazine?

CHOICE Online gives you access to reports and tests from two magazines:

  • CHOICE magazine
  • CHOICE Computer magazine

There's also functionality that only exists online, such as:

  • searchable databases to help you find information easily
  • interactive tables that make selecting the right product or service a breeze
  • videos, podcasts and polls
  • access to feedback from other members

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Why direct debit for online membership?

There are several reasons why we chose a quarterly automatic renewal system for online membership.

  • To let you have immediate access to CHOICE Online once you decide you'd like to join. To do this we need to use an electronic payment form.
  • To keep costs down as much as possible for our website and that means keeping administrative costs to a minimum.
  • The quarterly basis for the membership fee spreads the cost out over a year for you, and also makes it relatively easy for you to cancel if you find you don't want to stay on as a member.
  • Having an automatic renewal system means we don't send out renewals letters every three months, which would add to the cost and use valuable resources we'd prefer to spend on bringing you better information.

We're a not-for-profit organisation and we rely on membership income to fund the testing and research we do. We're completely independent from industry and unions and we don't take advertising.

As a consumer organisation, we're very conscious of the need to serve consumers well and to practise what we preach. We believe that automatic style transactions and deductions are a valid and easy way of subscribing to various products, as long as terms and conditions of such an agreement are clearly transparent, it's easy to cancel at any time and the system isn't abused by the provider.

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What do members get?

Want to save money and make an informed decision every time you shop? CHOICE Online is your only source of truly independent, exclusive and science-based testing on a wide range of products and services.

Join today and get:

  • Instant access to over 200 tests and reports on food and health, white goods and home entertainment, essential services, everyday supermarket items and much more.
  • No ads and no secret kickbacks. We’re independent and not for profit. If a product is no good, we'll tell you.
  • Ratings you can rely on. We've been testing products for almost 50 years in our special labs — our highly trained staff use a rigorous, scientific approach to all our tests.
  • The best advice from our experts to help you save money and make confident buying decisions.
  • CHOICE shopper helps you save even more with competitive deals on appliances, cars and computers. We've already helped members save over $500,000. Find out more.
  • E-newsletter updates. We'll keep you posted each month about new tests, consumer news and scams.

Make the right choice and join today for $23.95 a quarter. Your membership is renewed automatically every three months but you can easily cancel at any time by using the unsubscribe button in your profile.

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Institutional/Corporate membership

For more information please email us at and we'll respond within three working days.

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Login problems: What to do

If you're having trouble reading any of our reports first check that you're logged in.

If you're a member

If you're a member of CHOICE Online you have full access to reports on the website but you need to complete the login and password to gain access.

There's a login box on the right of each page. Enter your email address and password. Tick the Remember me box if you want to be remembered next time you visit the site. This means you won't have to login again. Note: This is not recommended on public computers.

Once you've logged in, you will see "My account" with your name displayed in a dark grey box on the right hand side of the screen. You may see a message indicating that your profile is incomplete. This refers to the optional personal customisation you can make to your profile. If you wish to do this, click on "edit". This can be done at a later stage if you wish. You may now search or select an article you are interested in.

To navigate through reports go to the 'Next page' arrow at the bottom of each page, or click on the contents pages located in the top right of the article.

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Change your details

Want to change your CHOICE Online website registration details?

  • Go to the homepage and login (If you're already logged in, see below)
  • Click on My Profile in the right hand blue Welcome box.
  • Make the changes you want and click the Update my details button
  • When you see the message 'Update complete' you can continue to browse the site.

Want to change your credit card details?

Our Privacy Policy advises that you don't send your credit card details via email. Please phone Consumer Service on 1800 069552, Mon - Fri 9-5pm, Sydney time.

Want to change your details for CHOICE, CHOICE Computer or other magazines?

At present there's no facility to do this online, but we hope to add one in future. Please phone Consumer Services on 1800 069552, Mon - Fri 9-5pm, Sydney time or email us at

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Why create an account?

Who needs to create an account?

  • Anyone who wants to buy anything on the site — a CHOICE Online membership, a magazine subscription, a book or any other product.
  • Anyone who wants to become a guest. Guest membership allows you to create a basic profile and post comments on free articles but it does not give you access to premium content.
  • If you only want to browse the free parts of the site, you don't need to create an account.

Why create an account?

  • We need your details to process your payment, even if you're just buying a book or single report. The good news is once you've registered, you never need to do it again.
  • Our payment system is secure and encrypted and we don't pass on information about you to anyone else. For more on this see our Privacy Policy.

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Search tips

Can't find what you're looking for on our website? Try these tips.

Step 1: Use the Search
There's a search box on the top right hand side of every page on the site.

Our search tool indexes articles by their title and keywords, so if you don’t find anything under ‘cooker’ try ‘stove’ or ‘oven’.

  • If you get no matches, ALWAYS try an Advanced search. Click the radio button under Search Again. This will search for your words anywhere in the report, not just in the title and keywords.
  • Single search words work better than phrases. If you're looking for a book titled ‘ABC of Medicinal Drugs and You’, try a search using ‘Drugs’ as a keyword.
  • You can also use part of a word to search: for example, searching for ‘cook’ will give you articles on cookers or cooking. But our search engine doesn't use a wild card symbol, so don't search for ‘cook*’.

Step 2: Try the A-Z guide

There's a link to the A-Z guide on the right of every page. Click on this link, then on the letter of the alphabet you want.

  • Scan the list for the topic you're after.
  • Reports are listed under both a specific and a broad heading eg Dishwashers and Kitchen.
  • The A-Z lists only current reports, so if you don't find what you're after, try the Search step above.

If you still can’t find what you want chances are we haven't tested it! We’d love to hear about any articles or topics you’d like to see on our website, so drop us a line.

Sending us feedback will also help us improve our search engine and give you better service.

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Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password we will send a reminder to your registered email address. Go to the Sign in page and click on Forgotten your password?

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How to unsubscribe from CHOICE

To unsubscribe from CHOICE Online, CHOICE, CHOICE Computer or Health Reader:

  • By phone: Call Consumer Services on 1800 069 552, Mon-Fri, 9-5pm, Monday to Friday, Sydney time.
  • By email: Send a message to
  • By fax: (02) 9577 3377

If you're unsubscribing because you’re unhappy with the products or service from CHOICE, please send us your feedback.

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