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Tell our energy ministers that enough is enough on rising electricity bills!
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Soaring bills

Household electricity bills are soaring, and the main driver is the multi-billion dollar price tag for energy infrastructure. We need a more efficient energy market, one that works in the best interests of Australian consumers.

Without major reforms to this broken system, wasteful spending will continue to increase our bills.

Energy ministers from around the country are debating how to fix the system and will make crucial decisions before the end of 2012.

But if we don’t get behind the push for energy reform, the energy ministers will drag their feet.

That’s why we’re launching Take the Power Back, and telling the energy ministers that Australian consumers expect action now.

By emailing your state and federal energy minister, you can ask them to fix the single biggest driver of rising electricity bills.

We want governments from around Australia to cooperate and reform our electricity system to stop soaring household bills in the future. Now is not the time for petty politics.

How big is the problem?

Over the past four years, electricity bills for Australian households increased by an average of 48% on top of the 9% or so national increase due to the carbon price. Around half of these increases have resulted from the multi-billion dollar price tag for energy infrastructure.

This spending is forecast to continue into the future. For example, the federal government recently estimated that an investment as high as $240 billion in electricity and gas infrastructure will be needed by 2030, much of it required to meet peak demand.

What needs to be done?

That's why we need urgent action to create an energy system that works in the best interests of Australian consumers.

The rules need to change. It’s time to urge our Ministers to:

  •  Make sure that networks are as cost-effective as possible by strengthening the Australian Energy Regulator and changing the incentives for networks.
  • Change the energy market to make reducing energy bills our first priority, with a major focus on saving energy and reducing peak demand.
  • Give consumers a stronger voice in the way that the energy market is designed and operated.


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