Free range egg petition

Join our call to reject the Egg Corporation’s proposed free-range standard.

30 May 2012 | We'd like to thank the 3101 people who signed on to ask the ACCC to reject the Australian Egg Corporation's certification trade mark that would allow a 13-fold increase on the current free-range outdoor stocking density maximum.


Thousands back traffic lights

Over 3700 consumers joined the call for traffic light labels.

9 Dec 2011 | More than 3700 signatures and CHOICE’s open letter were sent to food and health ministers from around Australia.


Better Food Labelling

Time is running out to fix dodgy food labels.

30 Sep 2011 | CHOICE is campaigning for industry and governments around Australia to act on the recommendations of a major, independent review of food labelling.


Join our call for a national restaurant hygiene scheme

CHOICE is pushing for a national scores on doors program

30 Mar 2011 | CHOICE would like to see a national 'scores on doors' restaurant hygiene scheme.

food labelling

New food labels for consumers

New food labelling recommendations will affect the information we currently have on food labels.

28 Jan 2011 | The report is in - CHOICE explains what new food labelling laws will mean to consumers.

Australian Made

Better country of origin labelling

Where does our food really come from?

3 Sep 2010 | Help CHOICE campaign for clearer food labelling by sharing your thoughts on country of origin.


Take action on BPA

We found alarming levels of BPA in a range of canned foods – including baby foods.

30 Aug 2010 | Email Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing and tell him that you want all foods made for babies and toddlers to be BFA-free.

Labelling folly

Food labelling folly

A quick trip to the supermarket by CHOICE reveals 12 glaring examples of creative marketing and misleading claims.

1 Jun 2010 | You need to check the ingredients list and nutrition information panel to find out what a product really contains.


GM food labelling laws need to change

Join our call for better GM labelling on all foods.

13 Feb 2010 | Supermarkets are now full of foods with ingredients that are likely to be derived from GM crops like soy, corn, canola and cotton. But lax labelling laws mean that food manufacturers don't have to tell you. It's time for action.


Health claims on foods

Good nutrition messages or just good marketing?

21 Dec 2009 | Health claims are most likely to be used on highly processed foods rather that the fresh foods we should all be eating more of.

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