Surcharge reforms starting 18 March

What the reforms mean for credit card surcharges.

27 Feb 2013 | Why has the RBA made these reforms, and what do they mean for consumers?


Unclaimed booty reaches $677 million

Australians are missing out of millions of dollars of their own money.

21 Nov 2012 | The amount of unclaimed money collected from inactive bank accounts and life insurance policies by ASIC has hit a record $677 million.


ACCC makes ATM fee announcement

The ACCC has approved the move to abolish fees in remote communities.

16 Nov 2012 | Following recommendations from the ATM Taskforce Report, the ACCC has authorised the scrapping of some ATM fees in remote Indigenous communities.


The banks have been ranked

Big banks are graded on their response to customers in financial hardship.

5 Nov 2012 | The Financial and Consumer Rights Council has ranked the big banks on their performance in helping customers in financial hardship.


Compare, ditch and switch

If your bank isn't giving you the very best deal then it's time to Compare, Ditch and Switch.

8 Oct 2012 | The RBA has once again cut the cash rate, but has your bank followed suit? If not it's time to Compare, Ditch, Switch and save!


ANZ faces class action lawsuit

Australian consumers fight unfair bank fees in the High Court.

6 Sep 2012 | A class action lawsuit is fighting for over $220 million in unfair bank fees collected from Australian consumers.

credit card reform

Banks respond to credit card reforms

Not all banks are applying the new credit card reforms.

17 Aug 2012 | Banks are applying new reforms to existing cards in a variety of ways


Disappointment over pay-day loan reforms

Government reforms receive a mixed response from consumer advocates .

28 Jun 2012 | Consumer advocates are left disappointed, after industry lobbyists water-down the Governments pay-day loan reforms.


Households paying less in bank fees

New data from the RBA shows households are saving on bank fees.

21 Jun 2012 | Consumer power succeeds as RBA data shows households paying 7% less in bank fees.


RBA delivers surcharge win for consumers

We welcome reform to end era of excessive surcharging.

13 Jun 2012 | The RBA's decision means that credit card payment surcharges can't be used as an avenue for revenue raising.

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