What would you change about your bank?

Tell the Financial System Inquiry what changes you want to see.

13 Aug 2014 | The Financial System Inquiry is hosting public forums; let them know what you would change about banking.


Excessive credit card surcharge update

CHOICE research reinforces the need for more to be done to lower excessive credit card surcharges.

31 Jan 2014 | The latest CHOICE research reveals that excessive credit card surcharging continues despite recent RBA changes designed to limit the practice.


Credit card interest survey

Our survey results show the banks are pretty good at obscuring high credit card interest rates.

1 Jul 2013 | A recent CHOICE survey revealed 48% of Australians don't know their credit card interest rate. We think its time the federal government enabled consumers to make unbiased comparisons of credit products based on their actual spending and repayments over time.


Mortgage tips

We tell you how to secure the best mortgage deal.

25 Jun 2013 | We give you tips and advice for what you need to know before taking out a new mortgage or switching mortgages, and explain how your mortgage is funded.

Take charge

Take charge!

It's up to you to demand an end to over-the-top surcharges.

4 Jun 2013 | Join our campaign to curb surcharge pain - demand an end to excessive credit card surcharging.

Banking code

Banking code exposed

A CHOICE shadow shop found that adherence to the revised Banking Code is spotty at best.

31 May 2013 | A revised banking code is one thing. Compliance is another.


Take Charge Poll

Have your say and help us step up our campaign to end excessive surcharges.

24 May 2013 | We want to turn up the pressure on these big companies.

Saving on credit cards

Tips to reduce credit card debt

CHOICE shows you how to save money on your credit card bill.

15 May 2013 | Follow our six tips for reducing your credit card debt and see how much you can save.


Will consumers win on excessive surcharges?

There may still be work to do on ending excessive credit card surcharges.

18 Mar 2013 | The RBA is bringing in new reforms to end excessive surcharges- but will they work?

Excessive credit card surcharges

Crackdown on credit card surcharges

The end of excessive credit card surcharges is on the horizon.

7 Mar 2013 | As of 18 March, surcharges applied to credit cards will be capped at a reasonable cost for the retailer.

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