Energy comparison site for Victoria

Victorians can now use their own electricity usage data to get a personalised comparison of energy plans.

6 Jan 2014 | Residents of Victoria can use their electricity data to compare energy plans at independent government site My Power Planner.


Power to the people

Political leaders reach an agreement on energy market reform

10 Dec 2012 | Politicians last Friday listened to over 5,360 people who stood with CHOICE in our campaign to put power back in the hands of Australian energy consumers and reduce future pressure on energy bills.


Countdown for electricity reform

The future of electricity prices is to be decided this Friday.

4 Dec 2012 | Tell our political leaders that Australians expect and demand action on soaring electricity prices while there is still time.


ACCC calls for action on rising electricity prices

Australia’s consumer watchdog says it’s time to get serious on energy market reform.

25 Oct 2012 | ACCC states that processes to stop rising electricity prices need to be more than ‘box ticking’ exercises.


Report calls for changes to electricity regulation

Productivity Commission report slams the “spiralling network costs” pushing up electricity prices.

18 Oct 2012 | A new report by the Productivity Commission has highlighted the importance of CHOICE’s Take the Power Back campaign.


Take the Power Back!

Tell our energy ministers that enough is enough on rising electricity bills!

18 Sep 2012 | Electricity prices have been soaring across Australia but now it's time to Take the Power Back by signing our petition.


Hope for end to energy network ‘gold plating’

End to energy network companies charging consumers for unnecessary infrastructure.

24 Aug 2012 | New rules could mean electricity companies won't be able to profit from over-investing in their poles and wires.


Bringing home the cost of carbon

Household living expenses will be less than Treasury estimates according to a joint study by The Climate Institute, CSIRO and AECOM.

28 Jun 2012 | An independent study shows the impacts of the carbon tax on on households are likely to be smaller than anticipated.


Electricity prices increase Australia-wide

Electricity prices have become turbo-charged, but savvy consumers can beat the price rises.

18 Jun 2012 | Several factors are driving up electricity prices across Australia but you can beat them with these handy tips.


Energy at Home conference

Solutions and opportunities for home energy use

29 Sep 2011 | CHOICE joined with the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) in Canberra on 13 September 2011 for the Energy at Home conference.

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