PS4 and Xbox One game prices to include the Australia Tax

New Xbox and PlayStation games will cost more in Australia

30 Jul 2013 | Australians continue face higher prices for games on both the PS4 and Xbox One consoles, highlighting the need for action.


Death to the Australia Tax?

CHOICE welcomes the IT price inquiry’s recommendations

29 Jul 2013 | The recommendations released by the IT price inquiry are a win for consumers - but will there be follow-through?


TV streaming

When it comes to watching popular TV shows via online streaming, we're missing out.

9 Jul 2013 | Australian viewers get a raw deal when it comes to streaming our favourite TV shows online. We pay more, yet content isn’t easily accessible or not available when we want.


Microsoft's Xbox 180

Technology giant backflips following consumer backlash

20 Jun 2013 | Microsoft removes DRM restrictions from its new Xbox One console following online revolt by gamers.


Arrested Development, Netflix and geo-blocking

What do we say is the most important thing? Access.

30 May 2013 | Madison Cartwright explains CHOICE's latest action against geo-blocking in Australia.

Privacy breaches

Privacy laws to ramp up

Reporting of breaches to private data to become mandatory.

29 May 2013 | The Attorney-General has announced new legislation that will make it mandatory for organisations to let people know when their private data has been compromised.

Browser cookies

Online tracking

Browser cookies can reveal your online habits, so how do you protect yourself?

22 May 2013 | Information gleaned by cookies is valuable to marketers and advertisers, but you may not realise just how much can be pieced together about you.


The value of in-app purchases

Crafty smart phone apps can grind away at your wallet.

18 Apr 2013 | Peter Zaluzny explains why he has mixed feelings about in-app purchases on smartphones.


Tech giants to front inquiry

Parliament calls on Apple, Adobe and Microsoft to explain high IT prices.

13 Feb 2013 | Tech giants Apple, Adobe and Microsoft are now being forced to answer for the higher prices they charge Australian consumers.


Piracy and market failure

Media companies need to reassess their business models.

10 Dec 2012 | Out-dated business models are are driving consumer decision making on piracy.

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