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CHOICE opposes planned piracy policy

An internet filter is not the answer.

29 Aug 2014 | Are the government’s proposals for reducing online piracy effective? CHOICE doesn’t think so. We want the government to abandon policies like the industry-run internet filter and look at the cost and access of digital content in Australia.

smart not hard campaign

Punishing everyone, fixing nothing

Sign our petition and view the campaign video.

28 Aug 2014 | Tell the government to work smarter not harder to stop internet piracy.


Have you been locked out?

Have you ever been unable to access your favourite TV show? We want to hear your stories.

13 Aug 2014 | Unable to get the content you want in Australia? Charged to much for online movies, TV shows or music? We want your stories.

Don't Cut the Net campaign graphic

Everything you need to know about three strikes

The government has flagged new anti-piracy measures – but what will they mean for consumers?

29 May 2014 | CHOICE tells you what you need to know about anti-piracy measures coming to Australia.


Navigating online geo-blocking

Not all retailers have embraced the web as a "borderless world", with geo-blocking forcing Australians to pay more.

5 Mar 2014 | We look at some of the ways you can avoid paying top dollar when shopping online from home.

Why are Australians paying more for IT and tech goods?

8 things to know about IT pricing

CHOICE busts the myths and reveals the facts behind the cost of IT and technology goods in Australia.

4 Mar 2014 | CHOICE tells you eight things you need to know about IT pricing.

The internet tax explained

The internet tax explained

Just what is the low-value threshold and why do some retailers want it lowered even further?

6 Feb 2014 | Some retailers want to expand the GST online, but we explain why this may be a bad idea.


Retailers' GST campaign discredited

Price is not the top concern for online shoppers

26 Nov 2013 | Research by CHOICE shows that few consumers are hopping online to avoid the GST – undermining claims made by the retail sector.


Apple’s new iPhone 5c and 5s to cost more

The latest iPhones have not escaped the ‘Australia Tax’

11 Sep 2013 | The new products from Apple are up to 14% more expensive in Australia.


Own what you download

Support our campaign for fair use of the books, music and movies you download

1 Aug 2013 | CHOICE is calling on consumers to support reforms to Australia's outdated copyright laws.

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