Testing PayPal's guarantee

09 Aug 11 07:30AM EST
Post by Matthew Steen  Matthew Steen Google Plus

We recently purchased a product for a CHOICE review but never received it. We had paid for the item via PayPal, so we pursued PayPal’s guarantee of coverage through their internal resolution centre. Even though we were disappointed we didn't get the product - we pay for them anonymously with your subscription money - it did provide us with a great opportunity to test out PayPal’s guarantee.

PayPal was set up some years ago to act as a third party in handling the payment fees between suppliers and purchasers. It gets a small cut of this fee which is how it keeps afloat. PayPal was purchased by eBay in 2002 and acts as one of the major payment options through eBay.

The CHOICE buyers keep quite thorough documentation when they make purchases. They keep all emails and will often take screenshots when they purchase online just in case something goes wrong. We also recommend consumers do the same thing - just in case you need to retrieve proof for a claim.

While it's quick to purchase and forget, spending that extra few minutes taking some screenshots and keeping a backed up copy of the emailed receipt (with a free product that turns it into a PDF) will save you a lot of time if something does goes wrong later on. It's basically just like keeping the receipt from a bricks and mortar store. No one wants to waste the money and time saved by purchasing online having to prove your purchase in a long-winded resolution case if things turn sour.

By thoroughly documenting all our purchases, whether in store or online, we can answer future questions such as where we purchased an item or how much it was. It also helps a lot at tax time!

After the item didn’t turn up, we lodged our dispute with PayPal’s resolution centre. Then, after no notification came, we upgraded it to a claim.

We pursued the refund for some time - it took almost a month before we received any payment. But because we had that backlog of proof, we were confident we could get the money back.

PayPal decided in our favour after reviewing the messages between us and the seller of the item. We received the full refund and were able to buy another item to test with your hard earned dollars you trust us with.

Have you ever had problems with an online seller? Have you had to pursue them through a third party company like PayPal? Were you satisfied with the outcome?


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