Convenience comes at a cost

02 Nov 09 10:32AM EST
Post by Cecilia Lee

The old adage that convenience comes at a cost rang true when I paid for my car insurance today. What I usually do when I get my policy renewal notice is get a few quotes from other insurers and then come to the conclusion that once again my existing insurer is still the cheapest. I then simply renew my policy no questions asked.


Not this time round. Since I'm in the middle of researching the CHOICE car insurance review I expanded my "shadow shopping" a little and got an online quote from my existing insurer.


The online quote turned out to be $50 less than what they quoted me on the renewal notice despite the policy details being exactly the same! That's a $50 saving by spending an extra five minutes online - why wouldn't you do it?


Have you had any interesting experiences with your car insurers? Have you found it cheaper to reapply online rather than simply renew? Let us know!


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