Who is CHOICE?


The Independent Voice

CHOICE is a trusted voice working for consumers.

  • CHOICE is an independent publisher of consumer information
  • Public face of the Australian Consumers’ Association (ACA)
  • Conducts rigorous and scientific product reviews
  • Provides independent advice across a range of goods and services 
  • Provides proactive consumer advocacy
  • A community of consumers with over 160,000 members

CHOICE is the number one advocate of consumer rights in Australia. As the public face of the Australian Consumers’ Association (ACA) CHOICE is a completely self funded body that is committed to providing consumers with advocacy and advice

Members receive independent and expert advice on the products and services they encounter every day, while the community at large benefits from vocal and active campaigns that champion consumer rights.

Driven by integrity and independence, CHOICE provides its members with rigorous and scientific reviews of the products and services they encounter on a day to day basis. As the number of products and services battling for attention continues to grow, an independent voice able to provide unbiased advice is more important than ever. CHOICE provides that voice.

CHOICE is an active advocacy group that is constantly agitating government and industry groups to ensure the rights of consumers are being protected. CHOICE campaigns against unjust policies and practices on behalf of all consumers.

As a not for profit organisation, CHOICE is governed by an elected Board that oversees the management team directly responsible for the day to day operations of CHOICE. More information on the how the Board is elected and its tasks can be found in the 

How CHOICE is Run and Governance sections.

With a wealth of advice and support on goods and services backed up with an active community of like-minded consumers, CHOICE provides savvy consumers with an unmatched resource for getting the most out of their purchases.

Read all about the history of CHOICE, which was founded by Ruby Hutchison back in 1960.

CHOICE Annual reports


2014 Financial statements

2014 Annual review


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2013 Annual review


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2012 Annual review


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2011 Annual report (high res)

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2010 Annual report and financials  

2010 Annual review


2009 Annual report and financials


2008 Annual review

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How we are run

17 Nov 2014 | Independent and fully accountable, CHOICE is run to serve its members and consumers as a whole.


8 Dec 2014 | A commitment to transparency is enshrined in CHOICE’s governance structure.

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