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For Members, By Members

As a non-profit, 100% independent organisation, CHOICE relies on membership subscriptions to fund our work. CHOICE exists to serve its members and consumers as a whole, by providing information, advice and advocacy on the issues that matter most.

  • CHOICE is the public face of the not-for-profit Australian Consumers’ Association (ACA)
  • Governed by an elected, unpaid and independent Board
  • Senior management team oversee day-to-day operations

The integrity of CHOICE rests on its continued independence, which is protected by our independent funding base and our strong membership base.

Responsibility for the management and control of CHOICE rests with the Board of the Australian Consumers’ Association.  The majority of Board members are elected by members. The Board has the power to co-opt a small number of additional directors, to ensure it has the right mix of skills.

The day-to-day management of CHOICE is handled by the CEO and the senior management team. Currently this team consists of:

  • CEO — Alan Kirkland
  • Director, Campaigns & Communications — Matt Levey
  • Director, Commercial and Finance — George Perry
  • Director, Digital Innovation — Thomas Taylor
  • Director, Marketing and Customer Experience — Michelle Rappaport

Become a voting member

What is a voting member?

Voting members of the Australian Consumers' Association are the custodians of the organisation. Their role is similar to that of shareholders in a for-profit company.

Why should I become a voting member?

  • Voting membership entitles you to vote in the election of members of ACA's Board of Directors and vote on significant matters like changes to the organisation’s constitution.

  • Voting members may also stand for election to the Board and may nominate or second other voting members wishing to stand.

  • All voting members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting, held in November. This is an opportunity to put questions to the Chair, Directors, CEO and other senior members of staff.

  • All voting members receive an electronic copy of the Annual Report, including the financial report, plus a short email briefing from the Chair after each Board meeting.

  • Voting members are also offered other opportunities to be become more involved in CHOICE, through attending consumer forums, supporting CHOICE campaigns and trialling new CHOICE products and services.

Who can apply to become a voting member?

Any person with a current CHOICE Plus, CHOICE Online, CHOICE Magazine, CHOICE Computer, CHOICE Computer Plus (including digital options) or CHOICE Health Reader membership.

Applications are considered by the CHOICE Board, which considers a range of factors, including potential conflicts of interest. And applicants are informed of the outcome in writing.

Corporate or organisational members of CHOICE are not eligible to become voting members.

How many voting members are there?

Over 5000. 

How much does it cost?

There is no separate fee for voting membership but voting members must keep their CHOICE membership up to date.

How do I apply?

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