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Independent and transparent, CHOICE was founded in 1959 with one clear mission: to ensure the consumer voice is heard loudly and clearly. CHOICE empowers consumers to get the most out of all their purchasing decisions by providing a mix of advocacy and advice.

We’re constantly looking out for misleading or unhelpful practices that stop you from getting the best deal. The leading consumer advocacy group in Australia, CHOICE campaigns to protect and assist consumers through changes to laws and industry behaviour.

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Welcome to CHOICE


Read all about what CHOICE does and the products and services that membership provides.

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Your essential source for all member announcements and reminders, promotions and offers.

Who is CHOICE?


As a completely self-funded body, CHOICE prides itself on delivering expert, unbiased information you can trust.


How we are run


Independent and fully accountable, CHOICE is run to serve its members and consumers as a whole.



A commitment to transparency is enshrined in CHOICE’s governance structure.

Social Responsibility


Fairness and social responsibility have been at the core of the CHOICE mission since 1959.


How we test


There are many reasons why CHOICE is synonymous with unbiased testing of consumer products.

Lab tours

Meet our testers at a lab tour

Go behind the scenes at CHOICE with a visit to our labs. Meet the testers and have morning tea with the CEO.

Consumer Research

Take part in our community research surveys.


Test research

CHOICE testing

CHOICE's state-of-the-art laboratories offer a tailored service to Australian industry and government.

Test Research Seminars

CHOICE test methods aim to reflect as much as possible how consumers use products, so that our reports can answer the questions most relevant for consumers. Test Research, the commercial test arm of CHOICE, offers seminars to manufacturers and government.



Start working for the consumer. Work for CHOICE. View a list of current vacancies.


Our Ruby


Find out all about Ruby Hutchison, founder of the Australian Consumers' Association and CHOICE.


Paper people

Mutually beneficial arrangements bring expertise that enhances the CHOICE brand, which in turn helps our members.


Request a

Help us choose what products and services to test next.

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    We put refrigerators of all shapes and sizes through their paces in our laboratories.

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    Car GPS devices have never been more affordable, come with more features or had better smartphone integration.

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