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Carry-on luggage reviews

We test 15 cabin-sized suitcases in the CHOICE labs, including models from Antler, Samsonite, Crumpler and more.

Last updated: 15th September 2015

We've reviewed 15 small suitcases, priced between $20 and $425 – including some appropriately sized for carry-on – to help you choose the best luggage for your travels.

Our lab experts put our suitcases through several tough tests to assess:

  • Durability (including a drop test and puncture test)
  • Stability
  • Water leakage
  • Ease of use

Each loaded suitcase was taken around a course by three people (including our expert tester) that included stairs, carpet, grass, smooth road and a rough surface. Our expert also subjected them to series of destructive tests – to see we put them through, check our video on how we test suitcases. And to make sure your bag meets the airlines carry on luggage weight restrictions, read our luggage scale reviews.

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