New Zealand travel checklist

Tickets, money, passport! Your essential New Zealand to-do list and packing list.

Before you go

To do

  • Passport: Is it up to date? You need a valid passport to enter New Zealand.
  • Visa: Most Australians don't need one, but have you checked the entry requirements?
  • Vaccinations: Are all your routine vaccinations up to date?
  • Travel insurance: Are you covered? Travel insurance is essential, even in New Zealand. (See which policies we recommend).
  • Safety: Have you checked the latest safety advice on the region you're travelling to? Subscribe to the latest Smartraveller updates for safety information on your destination.
  • Money: Have you told your bank you're going overseas and do you know how you'll be paying for things in New Zealand?
  • Accommodation: Have you booked accommodation for at least the first night?
  • Transfers: Do you know how you'll get from the airport to your accommodation? (See our guide to New Zealand airports).
  • Transport: Do you know how you'll get around, and do you need to pre-book any tickets or car hire?
  • Driving: If you're planning on hiring a car, do you have the appropriate licence and are you familiar with the road rules?
  • Phone and internet: Have you switched off data roaming and voicemail? If you're planning to use a local or travel SIM, is your phone unlocked?
  • Apps: Have you downloaded offline maps, travel apps or currency conversion apps onto your mobile?

To pack

  • Tickets
  • Money (cash and cards)
  • Passport
  • A copy of your travel insurance details
  • Your Medicare card (Why? Australians are covered under the reciprocal health care agreement)
  • A list of emergency contacts at home and in New Zealand
  • Any regular medication (no more than three months' worth, in original packaging, with prescriptions/a letter from your doctor)

Tip: You'll need to declare any prescription medication to New Zealand customs. Medication must be carried in its original packaging, with the prescription or a letter from your doctor. You can take no more than three months' supply into New Zealand (a six month supply of oral contraceptives is the exception). For more information, see

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