Europe travel guide: power plugs

What type of power adapter do you need?

Power plugs

Power plugs by country
Country Voltage Frequency Plug type
Australia 230V 50Hz I
Albania 230V 50Hz C/F
Andorra 230V 50Hz C/F
Austria 230V 50Hz C/F
Belarus 220V 50Hz C/F
Belgium 230V 50Hz E
Bosnia Herzegovnia 230V 50Hz C/F
Bulgaria 230V 50Hz C/F
Croatia 230V 50Hz C/F
Cyprus 230V 50Hz G/F
Czech Republic 230V 50Hz E
Denmark 230V 50Hz C/E/K
Estonia 230V 50Hz C/F
Finland 230V 50Hz C/F
France 230V 50Hz E
Germany 230V 50Hz C/F
Greece 230V 50Hz C/F
Greenland 230V 50Hz C/K
Hungary 230V 50Hz C/F
Iceland 230V 50Hz C/F
Ireland 230V 50Hz G
Italy 230V 50Hz C/F/L
Latvia 230V 50Hz C/F
Liechtenstein 230V 50Hz J
Lithuania 230V 50Hz C/F
Luxembourg 230V 50Hz C/F
Macedonia 220V 50Hz C/F
Malta 230V 50Hz G
Moldova 230V 50Hz C/F
Monaco 230V 50Hz C/D/E/F
Montenegro 230V 50Hz F
The Netherlands 230V 50Hz C/F
Norway 230V 50Hz C/F
Poland 230V 50Hz C/E
Portugal 230V 50Hz C/F
Romania 230V 50Hz C/F
Russia 220V 50Hz C/F
San Marino 230V 50Hz F/L
Serbia 230V 50Hz C/F
Slovakia 230V 50Hz E
Slovenia 230V 50Hz C/F
Spain 230V 50Hz C/F
Sweden 230V 50Hz C/F
Switzerland 230V 50Hz J
Ukraine 230V 50Hz C/F
United Kingdom 230V 50Hz G
Vatican City 230V 50Hz F/L

What type of adapter will I need for Europe?

Australian type I electrical plugs are incompatible with any sockets in Europe, so you'll need an adaptor. The type C plug - with two rounded prongs - is the most common in Europe. It's referred to as the 'Europlug', but as you can see from the chart above, plugs and sockets do vary from country to country.

  • Type C plugs are compatible with types E, F, J, K and N, so the Europlug really is the only adaptor you'll need for most of Europe.
  • If you're travelling to the UK, Ireland or Malta, you'll need a type G adaptor.
  • If you're travelling to Switzerland or Liechtenstein you'll need a type J adaptor.

Tip: Consider a universal adaptor if you're travelling to a number of different countries or if you're stopping over in Asia or the Middle East.

Voltage and frequency

The electricity in European countries runs at the same (or very similar) voltage and frequency as Australia, so you can use your Australian appliances in Europe without fear of frying them.

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