Brazil visa guide

How to apply for a tourist visa to visit Brazil, passport requirements and what to expect at the airport.

Do you need a visa?

Australian passport holders need a visa to enter Brazil.

It's important to get your application in early, as the processing time is approximately 15 working days and there is no express or priority service.

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The first step is to fill in an application on the Embassy of Brazil website and upload a scan or digital copy of your passport photo. You'll receive a receipt for your application, which you'll need to print out and sign. This, along with your passport, a paper copy of your photo, and other supporting documentation, will then need to be delivered, either in person or by mail, to the Embassy of Brazil in Canberra or the Consulate-General of Brazil in Sydney.

Tip: Never post your passport by standard mail. Use registered mail or a courier service.

You'll need:

  • your passport, with at least six months' validity and at least two blank pages
  • a recent, professionally taken photo
  • a completed visa request form
  • an itinerary from your airline or travel agent
  • proof of sufficient funds to support yourself in Brazil (a minimum of AUD$100 per day) or a letter of invitation if staying with a friend or family member
  • a bank cheque or Australia Post money order to pay your visa fee of $216* (this can also be paid in person using Eftpos)

NB: Travellers under 18 will need a notarised copy of their birth certificate. If travelling alone or with only one parent, they'll also need a letter of consent signed by both parents/legal guardians (and by a Justice of the Peace or Notary), as well as a copy of their parents' photo ID(s)/driver's licence(s). If applicable, proof of sole custody or the death certificate of a parent may be needed.

Visa rules and fees may change. For up-to-date information check with the Embassy of Brazil.

At the airport

For more airport information, including public transport and car hire options, check the Brazil transport and accommodation guide.

Australian passport holders need a visa to enter Brazil (see above).

Upon arrival in Brazil, you'll receive an entry card. Make sure you don't lose this as you'll need to show it when leaving the country and could be fined if you can't produce it.

Brazil has similar import restrictions to Australia when it comes to importing fruits, vegetables and other natural products like seeds and wood, so you'll need to either declare these or avoid packing them.

If you're transiting through another country, such as the US, be sure to check their entry and exit requirements as well. They may have different laws about bringing medications or other items into the country, and you may need a visa if you're planning a stopover.