How we review rideshare services

Our scoring methods for assessing ridesharing and taxi booking apps.

We booked rides with Uber, Ola, Shebah, Rydo, Ingogo, GoCatch and Bolt (previously Taxify) to assess the quality of the apps and any additional services they offered.

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We assess the booking process:

  • Ease of use when entering a destination, selecting a vehicle and booking a ride
  • Cancellation options, costs and related policies
  • Supplied information about the driver and vehicle to help identify your ride, e.g. name, registration, vehicle type and colour
  • Other available features such as adding multiple stops


We assess information and features that are available in the app during a ride:

  • Driver and vehicle information
  • Trip tracking features
  • Rating and feedback systems
  • General ease of use in navigating the app during a ride


We look for safety features in the app that can be accessed during a ride if there is a safety issue or emergency. We assess:

  • Whether the app has safety features
  • Whether they're easy to identify and locate, e.g. is there a clear, obvious "safety" button or are these tools hidden in a menu
  • Whether the safety features are simple and easy to use, or too complex
  • Available tools including access to emergency services, company representatives, user-nominated emergency contacts (such as family and friends), the ability to share your ride in realtime with user-nominated contacts, and any other features that can improve the safety of your ride.


We assess: 

  • How easy it is to set up an account
  • User data requirements (name, address etc)
  • Payment options
  • Whether the service requests any strange permissions (aside from location, contacts and so on)

General ease of use

We assess remaining features and functions in the apps, including:

  • Filing reports/claims/payment disputes
  • Settings and account features
  • Whether you can use your account overseas
  • Any other general impressions


The overall score is made up of:

  • Booking (25%)
  • Riding (25%)
  • Safety (20%)
  • Account setup (20%) 
  • General ease of use score (10%).

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