Millions of cars recalled worldwide

21 May 2015 | Faults discovered in one manufacturer's airbags have prompted the world's largest car recall.

Faulty airbags prompt worldwide recall

One of the world's biggest car recalls ever is currently taking place, after Japanese parts manufacturer Takata found that some of its airbags have a fault which could cause them to spray metal shrapnel when deployed.

More than 50 million vehicles are now being recalled worldwide, including at least half a million affected cars in Australia. 

When the recall began in the US in December 2014, there were 14 million recalled. At the time it was reported that at least 139 people had been injured, while at least six people had died as a result of the airbag fault. There have been no reported injuries or deaths in Australia.

Cars from Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, and Nissan are currently being recalled in Australia.

The Australian Government's recalls site has details of how Australian vehicles are affected. After some technical issues, it seems to be up and running again at the time of writing, although it is slow.

At the time of writing, the recall affects these cars sold in Australia:

• Chrysler 300C sedan 2006 to 2007
• Honda Jazz 2004 to 2009
• Honda Accord Euro 2004 to 2007
• Honda CR-V 2002 to 2008
• Honda Civic 2004 to 2005
• Nissan N16 Pulsar
• Nissan D22 Navara
• Nissan Y61 Patrol
• Nissan T30 X-TRAIL
• Nissan A33 Maxima
• Toyota Echo 2003 to 2005
• Toyota RAV4 2003 to 2005
• Toyota Corolla 2003 to 2007
• Toyota Yaris 2005 to 2007
• Toyota Avensis 2003 to 2007

Updates continue to be posted on – check back periodically if you believe your car may be affected.

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