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Amaysim Energy Review

This mobile phone plan provider also sells energy plans to Australian consumers. Here's what you need to know before deciding whether to switch to Amaysim Energy.

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CHOICE staff
CHOICE staff

Amaysim supplies energy to just over 96,000 Australian customers. The company offers prepaid energy subscriptions - much like prepaid mobile SIM cards - to help their customers avoid "bill shock".

As a company, Amaysim has been in operation since 2010, but it wasn't until 2017 that it decided to extend its product offerings to include energy, with the acquisition of Click Energy.

Amaysim's head office is in Sydney, NSW, and it is a publicly listed company. Neither the organisation nor its products are carbon neutral.

Contact information for Amaysim Energy

1300 808 300

Which states does Amaysim Energy supply?

CHOICE Expert rating on Amaysim Energy

CHOICE Verdict on Amaysim Energy


  • With only 2 stars, Amaysim Energy aren't the worst for green electricity but they aren't great - they have no carbon offsets or a stand on Energy efficiency/Demand response management. They don't have a great stand on renewables or fossil fuels.
  • However, they're reasonable when it comes to emissions, decarbonisation and transparency.

Customer service

  • 2578 complaints were made against Amaysim Energy in 2018/19, according to data from the Australian Energy Regulator. This accounts for 2.6% of Amaysim Energy's total customer base.
  • Only 49% of customer service calls made to Amaysim Energy were answered within 30 seconds.
  • The average wait time for a customer service call is 194 seconds.
  • 14% ofcalls made to Amaysim Energy are abandoned before being answered.

Amaysim Energy prices