Aussie Farmers Direct expands to full online supermarket

Australian fresh food delivery service to offer a one-stop shop online.

More competition for Coles and Woolies

Aussie Farmers Direct – which delivers fresh meat, vegetables and produce sourced from Australian farmers to customer's doors – has now expanded to include general supermarket items with the launch of a new site which stocks pantry items, non-perishables and household goods.

Launching in Melbourne first, the combined product range offers hundreds of grocery brands at competitive prices tipped to beat IGA and Aldi, and provides an alternative to the supermarket bigwigs with Aussie Farmer's Direct pledging to match prices with Coles and Woolworths.

Preference for Australian-made

The General Store, which will sit alongside the Aussie Farmers Direct site claims it will have greater transparency around country of origin labelling where consumers can use specific filters to search for 'Australian first'. 

CHOICE media spokesperson Tom Godfrey says consumers need to look closely at country of origin declarations if they want to support local growers and manufacturers. "Aussies have a big appetite when it comes to supporting Australian farmers and are often happy to pay a little more to do so."

Aussie Farmers Direct says it sells Australian fresh produce online and aims for farmers get a fair price, while new offering The General Store will feature Australian grown and Australian made products. The company has also pledged to donate 10 percent of profits from those products to the Aussie Farmers Foundation, which supports farmers doing it tough. "Our customers love getting their fresh produce delivered from smaller Australian farmers and local suppliers direct to their door. But until now they still needed to visit the supermarket for all their pantry staples," says Louie.

The General Store kicked off in Melbourne yesterday and there are plans for it to be rolled out in most Australian cities going forward.