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Help us get The Checkout back on Australian TV

Let us know what you think about bringing back the popular consumer affair series.

Last updated: 20 November 2019

From 2013 to 2018, millions of Australians tuned into The Checkout each week for an entertaining take on consumer affairs issues.

Regular consumer-friendly segments such as 'Product vs Packshot' and 'Adventures in Fine Print' helped Australians cut through the marketing spin to make better buying decisions. 

CHOICE worked closely with The Checkout behind the scenes. Many of their segments were based on our research and investigations, and lots of them were shot in the our labs. Many of our staff appeared on the show, including former employee Kate Browne who played 'Guilty Mum', poking fun at the outlandish claims made by manufacturers of safety and health products marketed at parents. 

When the ABC announced its line-up of shows for next year, The Checkout wasn't on the list, but we believe there's still a chance to get it back on air.

Julian Morrow calls to reinstate The Checkout

Co-founding member of The Chaser and exec producer of The Checkout, Julian Morrow, calls for supporters to join him and CHOICE in the quest to get The Checkout back on air.

"When The Checkout hit our screens in 2013, it was the first show on Australian TV dedicated to consumer issues since the 1980s," says CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland. "It helped to raise awareness of complex issues like the problems with financial advisers receiving commissions and the woeful regulation of shonky health products by the Therapeutic Goods Administration."

"One of the amazing things about The Checkout was the way it appealed to a wide range of generations, from school kids starting to learn about their rights to long-term CHOICE members," says Alan. "We frequently hear stories about people arguing for their rights to returns or refunds in stores based on what they have learned on The Checkout. The job of helping people to enjoy their legal rights is far from finished, so we need this show back on our screens in 2020."

"Over 19,000 people have already told us that they want to see the ABC bring back The Checkout. Those numbers are growing every day."

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