Forever Flawless customer win

Skincare company refunds $3000 after complaint about high pressure sales tactics.

About face

Forever Flawless, a cosmetics company that sells expensive skincare supposedly containing "diamond dust", appears to be continuing its high-pressure sales tactics, with further complaints made to CHOICE since our investigation late last year.

Forever Flawless hit our radar a year ago when we started hearing from consumers about the company's aggressive sales tactics and reluctance to give refunds for their high priced products, some of which can cost thousands of dollars.

Over the past six months we've heard from more unhappy customers who say they've been coerced into spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. After dealing with our in-house consumer service CHOICE Help, we're delighted to report that one of our members has received a full refund. 

Natalie's Forever Flawless experience

Natalie, a university student, said she felt pressured into buying Forever Flawless products. She was invited for a "free" in-store facial and offered a glass of wine. Afterwards, Natalie says she was "pressured" and "bullied" into handing over her credit card, reporting that the store salespeople wouldn't take no for an answer. She regretted spending $3000 on beauty products, and after liaising with Forever Flawless customer service the following day, she was offered a 25% refund.

After reading our investigation on  Forever Flawless, Natalie contacted CHOICE Help and learned that we'd assisted two other members who had complained about Forever Flawless – one had an allergic reaction to the products and the other was talked into buying the products. We used these previous experiences in dealing with the business and our previous discussions with NSW Fair Trading to help Natalie craft a compelling complaint about her experience. She eventually received a 100% refund of the $3000 she spent at Forever Flawless.

"I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all your help and support. I can honestly say that if I hadn't have come across your article in my desperation I wouldn't have contacted CHOICE and then been encouraged to take this further." – Natalie.


How we can help

CHOICE Help is a free service for our members. With our help, many CHOICE members have successfully fought for their rights to refunds, repairs, contract cancelations and replacements. Whether you've been misled about the cost of a product, been door-knocked and pressured into buying a service, or had a company tell you a fault wasn't covered by warranty, CHOICE Help is here to stand up for your rights when things don't quite go right.