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HTC Vive review

Priced at $1400.

CHOICE Expert Rating

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What is the CHOICE Expert Rating

CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

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CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

This overall score is made up of user comfort score (40%), performance score (35%), and ease of use score (25%).

Ease of use score View more details.

Ease of use refers to the process of installing and getting each headset up and running, in addition to downloading and installing content such as games and experiences; the control method for each headset is also assessed.

User comfort score View more details.

User comfort score is judged after a 10min session by our tester, which takes the following aspects of each headset into consideration: sizing, padding and adjustments, heat and fogginess, cable management, freedom of movement, and the comfort of any supplied controllers and navigation methods.

Performance score View more details.

Performance includes image detail, headset field of view, image focus, image blurring, tracking latency, and overall immersion.

CHOICE buy View more details.

We recommend headsets that score at least 70% overall.

Availability View more details.

In some instances, at the request of members and when products are still available on the second-hand market and via sites like eBay, we include discontinued models in the tables. 'Active' indicates the products can still be found in shops and 'inactive' that they are discontinued models.

Price View more details.

Reflects RRP as of November 2016. Cost of product covers all items included in the base package. Prices listed in Australian dollars unless otherwise specified. Oculus Rift and DODOCASE P2 converted from US to Australian dollars in November 2016. Price does not include shipping, if applicable. 

Weight g View more details.

Weight of headset (not including headband), with cable if applicable. Smartphone-based models weighed without phone.

Headset width and height (mm)
192 x 107
Display type View more details.

This will show the type of display, if it is specified, such as OLED (organic light emitting diode); phone-dependent refers to the headset using a smartphone's screen as the display.

Resolution View more details.

Phone-dependent refers to the headset using a smartphone's screen as the display.

1080 x 1200 (per eye)
Field of view (degrees) View more details.

The width of the image as viewed through the headset; the wider the field of view, the more immersed you can feel in the content; not all vendors state this figure.

Refresh rate (Hz) View more details.

The number of times per second the image on the screen is refreshed; the faster the rate, the more stable the image will look. Faster rates can also help reduce nausea. PS VR supports two refresh rates; 90Hz and 120Hz. Refresh rate used varies between programs.

Age limit View more details.

Specified by the manufacturer.

ns. States "Not designed to be used by children"
Connection to display View more details.

The type of interface required to connect the headset to the device powering it (e.g. HDMI). Your device, such as your PC, will require the listed interface in order to use the headset.

Head tracking View more details.

Whether or not external sensors are used to track the user's head movements.

Motion tracking controls View more details.

Whether or not external sensors are used to track other movements, such as hand gestures.

Yes (via supplied controllers)
Hardware required View more details.

This field states the type of equipment you need to use VR headset. Does not include optional peripherals.

Hardware grade View more details.

Low-end refers to being able to use any phone with the VR headset; mid-range refers to having to use a specific phone or console; high-end refers to having to use a powerful computer.

In-app navigation/control method View more details.

The way content can be controlled or loaded once inside a VR app such as Google's Cardboard, for example.

Main software purchase point View more details.

Where to buy software for each headset.

HTC Viveport; Steam VR
VR experience type View more details.

Standing or sitting means that the VR platform can not be used while you move around; room-scale means that you walk around a pre-defined area.

Room scale
Level of involvement View more details.

The level of physical involvement required to get the most out of the VR experience offered by each headset.

Best VR experience View more details.

Our recommendation for the type of content that is best suited to each type of VR headset.

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