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Pool fence reviews

We safety-check more than 20 pool fence panels, from brands including Poolsafe, Bunnings and Stratco.

Last updated: 16th September 2014

Are pool fences safe enough to keep up with changing standards and pool regulations?

CHOICE bought more than 20 pool fence panels, and tested them against key sections of the Australian pool safety standard AS1926.1. We can't cover the entire market, so we focused on a mix of manufacturers servicing Sydney and surrounds, as well as national suppliers. Glass pool fence panels are now extremely popular and feature in our testing for the first time.

We also tested the strength of nine compatible posts and spigots required to hold the glass panels in place. See our posts and spigots reviews (for glass panels) for the full results.

CHOICE does not currently test pool fence gates, as we think their effectiveness largely depends on correct usage and installation. However, it's vital to monitor how well the gate is working as it is the weakest part of the barrier. Make sure the gate self-closes from any position and self-latches. According to pool fencing experts, gates last five to ten years, depending on weather conditions and how often they're used.

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