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Fisher & Paykel washing machine reviews

Last updated: 22 January 2020
CHOICE Fisher & Paykel Lab Testing

Front loaders and top loaders rated for reliability, price and more

Fisher & Paykel is currently the second biggest seller in the Australian washing machine market, just behind LG. The Kiwi born and based brand - now owned by Chinese company Haier - offers a big range of front loaders and top loaders with an appealing mix of affordability and features.

In our expert lab tests, Fisher & Paykel washing machines rated from OK to very good. They also scored well in our latest brand reliability survey of over 9000 consumers. However, performance varies between models, so see our reviews below to see how they rank for dirt removal, gentleness, running costs and other key factors.


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    In Australia the main types of washing machines are front loader and top loader. Twin tubs exist but have a tiny market share.

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      This is the claimed capacity. We find people rarely fill their washer to full, so base your decision on how heavy your common load is. Weigh it on your scales.

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      • Overall score
      • Recommended
      • Running costs
      • Dirt removal score
      • Rinse performance score
      • Gentleness score
      • Water efficiency score
      • Spin efficiency score
      • Water used (L)
      • Energy used (kWh)
      • Cycle time (min)
      • Noise (dBA)
      • Brand reliability (%)
      • Satisfaction score (%)
      • Service score (%)
      • Purchase price + running costs/10 yrs
      • Good points
      • Bad points
      • Tester comments
      • Price
      • Availability
      • Brand
      • Model
      • Type
      • Capacity (kg)
      • Program tested
      • Coldest wash for normal program
      • Fast program
      • Gentle or delicates program
      • Auto-sensing water level
      • Out of balance correction
      • Selectable spin speed
      • Machine washable woollens
      • Handwash only woollens
      • Extra rinse
      • Lint filter
      • Delay time
      • Time remaining display
      • Favourite/memory option
      • Child lock door
      • Child lock control
      • Water save option
      • Internal light
      • Detergent auto dose
      • Auto open door
      • Add items after start
      • Other features
      • Energy label - program
      • Energy label - energy (kWh/yr)
      • Energy - stars
      • Water label - water (L)
      • Water - stars
      • Claimed program time (min)
      • Tap connection
      • Minimum water pressure (kPa)
      • Maximum hot water inlet temp (°C)
      • Maximum speed (rpm)
      • Drum type
      • Dimensions (H x W x D, cm)
      • Similar models
      • Differences
      • Warranty (yrs)
      • Origin
      • Manufacturer website

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