Sabco RoboSweep review

Is this cute contraption an affordable alternative to robot vacuums and robot sweepers?

A robo-sweeper that's somewhat cheaper

You spend time vacuuming and cleaning your floors to find that the next day dust and lint has resettled and great tumbleweeds of pet hair seem to be everywhere. If you have hard floors and yearn for a robot vacuum but don't want to fork out the Roomba bucks, then the Sabco RoboSweep might just be the answer.

How it works

The Sabco RoboSweep is "driven" by a ball that rolls the circular cage around, while the microfibre cloth picks up lint, dust and hair. When you're finished, simply remove the pad and throw it in the washing machine or clean it by hand. The RoboSweep is designed to sweep hard, smooth floors like timber floorboards, porcelain and ceramic tiles and linoleum.

To use it, charge the battery for three hours, attach the microfibre pad to the cage and select the cleaning time (you can choose between a 30-, 60- or 90-minute cleaning cycle), then insert the ball in the cage and let the RoboSweep do its thing.

Does it do the job?

After testing the RoboSweep on hard floors for three days, we were impressed with its cleaning ability and found it to be effective at picking up fine dust, lint and hair. When cleaning, it does not make as much noise as other household appliances. However, after a while, the sound it makes while moving around on the floor can get quite annoying.

While Sabco claims that the RoboSweep has smart technology to sense walls, we found that it will run into walls, carpet and other obstacles before changing direction to move around them. It will also glide under most furniture and its microfibre pad gets into corners to cover those hard to reach places.

You'll eventually need to purchase replacement microfibre cloths, in packs of either one or three. It's also a good idea to keep pets away while using the RoboSweep – they might easily mistake it for a toy.

CHOICE verdict

The RoboSweep is great for general dusting of hard floors. It won't replace your vacuum cleaner, or even a robot vac, but it's a useful cleaning tool to use on a daily basis while you're out and about, and in between big cleans.


Price: $48


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