How to care for barrel and upright vacuum cleaners

Keep your vac squeaky clean and ready for action.

How to care for barrel and upright vacuum cleaners

Cleaning your appliances is pretty important. A neglected vacuum cleaner will rapidly become less effective, making it harder to do the best job of cleaning around your home.

Read on to find out how to look after your barrel or upright vacuum cleaner.

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  • Clean hair, fluff, string and other accumulated debris off the brush rollers.
  • Check hoses for obstructions like lego bricks, buttons, hair clips and small toys.


  • For bagless vacuum cleaners, empty the dust canister.
  • Brush the accumulated dust off any washable filters (do this outside) and wash them in a bucket of water.
  • Wipe down exterior surfaces with a soft damp cloth.
  • Replace the bag (for bagged models) when it's two-thirds full. Leaving it until it's completely full will affect the suction and your machine won't perform as well.


  • Replace filters.
  • Replace any frayed hoses and worn accessories.

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