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3 of the best stick vacuums under $200

Savvy shoppers on a budget can spend less and still clean up.

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Last updated: 08 July 2021

Need to know

  • Our experts reviewed more than 40 stick vacuums from popular brands such as Dyson, Hoover, Kmart and Target 
  • Our testing revealed cheaper models that performed well against models costing hundreds of dollars more
  • We rate performance on key factors such as cleaning corners and edges, pet hair removal, noise and battery life

For those annoying little messes in life that don't require the heft of a barrel vacuum but do need more than a dustpan and broom, the stick vacuum tidily fills the void. Good for spot-cleaning, giving the inside of the car a once-over, or for small areas that can be difficult to reach, an easy-to-store stick vac is a handy household helper.

But with price tags ranging anywhere from $1000 or more for a top-of-the-line Dyson to less than $100 for some Kmart models, it's worth considering how much you're prepared to pay. After all, not everyone can afford to spend a grand for what is essentially a dirt-sucking stick. 

Thankfully, we've tested many alternatives that come in at significantly lower price points, and some are better than others.

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Our expert testers put more than 40 stick vacuums through their paces in our labs.

Our thorough testing team measures the performance of stick vacs in a range of areas, including their ability to suck up pet hair, manoeuvre into corners and clean both hard floors and carpet.

When buying a stick vac, CHOICE expert Adrian Lini says to take special note of the cleaning head design and suction power, as many models do a poor job of cleaning carpet. 

However, he warns that this can also be true of the more expensive machines. Even if you are spending at the lower end of the budget, it's worth taking a look at our stick vacuum reviews to get the dirt on the best and worst performers.

"Stick vacs in general are best for a quick and efficient house clean," says Adrian. 

If you only have hardwood floors, then a cheaper stick vacuum that performed well in our tests would be a satisfactory choice

Adrian Lini, CHOICE vacuum expert

"If you only have hardwood floors, then a cheaper stick vacuum that performed well in our tests would be a satisfactory choice."

So, if the convenience of a stick vacuum appeals, but you don't want to part with a lot of cash, check out these three options that represent the best for the least.

To help you find a stick vac that'll give you the best suck for your buck, we've compiled the best bargain buys under $200 based on our test results.

Consider becoming a CHOICE member to access these results and our full stick vacuum review, plus reviews for more than 200 other product categories. 

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