How to care for your clothes dryer

Clean and maintain your dryer so it lasts longer.

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Your clothes dryer is a pretty hardy appliance. But if you don't look after it, you could increase your risk of fire, as well as machine failure.

Here's how to look after your clothes dryer so it gives you many years of safe use.

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  • Clean the lint filter – we can't stress this enough. Not only does a blocked lint filter reduce your dryer's efficiency, it's the major cause of dryer fires.
  • Empty the water tank (condenser and heat pump models), or plumb it into a drain.
  • Leave the door ajar when not in use (if possible) to help extend the life of the seal.


  • Clean external surfaces with a soft damp cloth.


  • Vacuum the lint out of air intakes, vents and crevices.


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