Perfect blender

NutriBullet, Nutri Ninja or Nutri Infusion: which single-serve blender is your perfect match?

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By CHOICE staff

The perfect pitch?

If you've found yourself watching TV in the middle of the night you could be forgiven for thinking the world has been invaded by an alien race of green smoothie-blending salesmen all pitching you the perfect blender.

Armed with kale, celery and carrot, these salesmen seem to have invented a vernacular that stacks outlandish claim upon outlandish claim as they try to entice you with their wares.

If the spruikers are to be believed, the blenders "turn ordinary food into superfood" and provide the "ultimate nutrition extraction".

Video: Single-serve blenders put through their paces to help you find your perfect match

The nutrition claims

So to help consumers unpack these claims, we conducted nutritional analyses of select nutrients in 250mL of green smoothie and the results are worth reading: find our nutrition results here. 

The 15 single-serve blenders we reviewed were priced from $20 to $845 and were also tested for ease of use, how they puree, mill and crush ice and were given an all important "green smoothie score".

Perfect Blender

We also thought we would have a bit of fun with them and see which blender salesman could entice our very own Kate Browne, who stars as 'Sharon', into a blender purchase by giving her the hard sell on a game show - Perfect Blender.

In the first episode of Perfect Blender, NutriBullet Pro battles Nutri Infusion and the Nutri Ninja, for Sharon's affections. We also had a bit of help from game show royalty, Greg Evans, to help Sharon find her perfect match.