Kambrook Blitz2Go review

Save time by blending and drinking juices and smoothies all in the same container - but what about cleanup?

Ready, blend, go!

The Kambrook Blitz2Go lets you blend smoothies, juices and shakes in a removable container that doubles as the drinking bottle. Just add your favourite ingredients to one of the supplied 600ml or 300ml bottles, screw on the blade assembly, slot the whole thing on to the motorised unit and blend away.

Unlike regular blenders, the $50 unit isn't intended for heavy-duty jobs. It only comes with a pulse action (which delivers one-touch, intermittent bursts of power) and, the instructions warn, it should only be used for 30 seconds at a time. With these caveats in mind, how well does it really work?

Blending in

Fiona Mair, home economist from CHOICE's test kitchen, threw a variety of foods at the Blitz2Go and found it was very good at blending most ingredients you'd want in a drink. Food is blended to a smooth texture, which can be thick or thin depending on the amount of liquid added. Fruits and vegetables result in a pleasingly pulpy juice, and it's great for frozen fruit. It can also process ice cubes, so long as they're mixed with a liquid.

On the downside, the Blitz2Go isn't good enough to blend nuts and seeds properly; we found they left a gritty mouthfeel. Similarly, coarse foods, like cucumber skin and kale, aren't processed well.

The lightweight yet sturdy Blitz2Go is easy to assemble, making it simple to blend fruits and vegetables. It is also easy to store. If you're in a real rush and need to take your drink with you, the narrow shape of the containers is a bonus, as it's designed to fit in most car cup holders.

While it's easy to clean overall, we found the thin rubber seal on the blade assembly and on the bottles was difficult to remove for washing. It could be dangerous to remove the seal with your fingers due to its proximity to the blades. Replacing the seal was also fiddly.

The CHOICE verdict

The convenient Blitz2Go is very good overall and does a great job of making frozen drinks and smoothies. The instruction booklet includes some simple recipes to get you started, but part of the fun (particularly as we head into summer) is to experiment with some exotic concoctions. It's a reasonably-priced, decent alternative to some of the more powerful models on the market. However, it isn't as versatile as similar blenders, and we have some safety concerns removing the rubber seal.

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