Teenage boy takes the Thermomix challenge

We set a 14-year-old the task of making pizza dough using an all-in-one kitchen machine. You won't believe what happened next...

Can a teenage boy make your dinner?

All-in-one kitchen machines such as the Thermomix, Bellini and KitchenAid all claim to make cooking a breeze, even for the most culinarily challenged.

Read our expert test report, to see which all-in-one machines we rated easiest to use.

While CHOICE found both the TM31 and TM5 Thermomix machines to be excellent all-in-one kitchen machines, we are suspending our recommendation of them due to increasing safety concerns and substandard customer service​.

While teenage boys are renowned for eating food, they're also famous for being pretty useless, especially in the kitchen. So we teamed up a 14-year-old boy and an all-in-one kitchen machine to see if it could take him from couch potato to junior Masterchef. 

How did he do? Click on the clip below to find out.

Video: The Teenager Thermomix challenge

Which all-in-one kitchen machines pass the teenage boy test? See how they all stack up for ease of use in our latest test report.

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