How to care for your mattress

Top tips to keep your mattress at its supportive best

How to care for your mattress

Your mattress doesn't have any moving parts and doesn't actually 'do' anything, so it's easy to lie back and ignore it. 

But there are a few things you can do to keep it at its best for longest. We give you the low down before you lie down.

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  • Make your bed, or at least pull the doona up so it looks like you have. It won't do a lot for your mattress but it will make your bedroom look and feel better.
  • Use a mattress protector or mattress topper to protect your mattress from sweat stains. (This can pay dividends if you need to make a warranty claim, as excessive staining could see claims refused.) Likewise pillow protectors can help keep your pillows at their best.


  • Wash your sheets and pillow cases.


  • Flip or rotate your mattress (alternate the two), so you don't get 'grooves' forming from lying in the same place every night (though don't flip it if you have a pillowtop mattress, which has additional padding at the surface). This is a two-person job. 
  • Vacuum your mattress using the upholstery attachment to get rid of dust mites. 
  • Wash your mattress protector and/or mattress topper.


  • Check legs, casters or supports and fasteners, and adjust or tighten as necessary.
  • Assess if the mattress is still providing the necessary support and, if not, replace it.

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