Seafood labelling in NSW restaurants proposed

30 May 2016 | Diners may no longer be in the dark about where their fish has come from.

Seafood labelling on the table?

Good news for some restaurant goers this week after NSW Deputy Premier Troy Grant proposed a new labelling scheme which will see imported fish and fish products in NSW restaurants labelled according to their country of origin.

Diners in the dark

When it comes to buying fresh seafood there are labelling schemes that can help consumers understand what they are buying and where it came from. But when it comes to eating out, many diners have little to no information about the provenance of the seafood on their plate.

Currently restaurants and cafes are under no obligation to reveal where the seafood they serve comes from, and Deputy Premier Grant says that he thinks many consumers would be shocked to know just how much of the seafood in restaurants is imported. 

"We import about 85 percent of seafood consumed in New South Wales so an origin-labelling scheme would support our local fishing industry and help ensure seafood caught here is in hot demand over imported products." 

Promoting local seafood

Mr Grant says that the NSW Government scheme will have two main aims: working with industry to develop an origin-labelling scheme for cooked seafood that will be similar to the labelling requirements that currently apply to the purchase of fresh fish, as well as promoting the consumption of local seafood.

Mr Grant is promising to work with business, fishing, catering industries and retailers to provide for a new standard, with a proposal to go before cabinet by the end of the year.

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