Restaurants are blacklisting Australians who skip on reservations

Almost 40,000 names already on the restaurant blacklist

Restaurants are blacklisting patrons for a year if they fail to show up to their dinner reservations.

More than 4000 Australian restaurants are working with an online booking site, Dimmi, to place no-show patrons on a blacklist.

According to Dimmi's No Show Report, 38,000 people have been added to the list, representing a sharp increase from the 3159 names that were on it as of March 2016.

Getting your name off the list is possible. Blacklisted patrons will have to contact either the restaurant or Dimmi, but there's no guarantee it'll work.

"If the situation is explained then most people are taken off the list; we understand that life just happens sometimes," says Lizzie Kaye, marketing executive at Dimmi.

"All we ask is that you call the restaurant and let them know."

The only other way to get your name off the list is to wait out the full year.

A lot of people won't know they've been blacklisted. A warning is provided at the time an online reservation is made, but little else.

"It's only when they go to book that restaurant again that they will be notified," adds Kaye.

Some restaurants will go one further and charge no-show patrons. More than 200 restaurants who partnered with Dimmi will charge people's credit cards if they miss a reservation.

Blacklisting and pre-charging patrons are a couple of ways restaurants are holding people to their reservations. No-shows cost the industry $75 million a year, it says in the report, but the measures are working with no-shows decreasing in the last 12 months by 25%.