Pizza Hut pulls website after overcharging customers

"I was charged $140 for pizza that I did not receive."

A new, half-baked website has led to hundreds of Pizza Hut customers being overcharged and their orders going unfulfilled.

The angry and hungry customers took to Facebook and Twitter to complain about the apparent glitch, the relatively limited functionality of the new website and the increased pricing.

"I just got charged five times for one order!," wrote Scott Denley‎ of NSW. "So instead of spending $40 on pizza I've spent over $200!"

Andreas Yiannacou received his confirmation email well after his pizza was delivered.

"Been charged like 3 times for 1 order and it said 'error, try again' every time," he wrote on Pizza Hut's Facebook page.

"Got my confirmation email 45 minutes later after the pizza had been delivered, which I never knew was even coming."

The glitch also led to a bottleneck of orders, straining stores and causing long delays.

"I feel sorry for your staff in the stores that are copping it from everyone else that this has happened to," wrote Joanna Briercliffe, a customer whose order was tripled for a charge of $150.

"They have no one higher up to reach out to for assistance or guidance."

The redesigned website was generally slammed by customers, as were the Android and Apple apps, which consistently received one-star reviews.

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Customers said the old website allowed them to tweak their pizza just so, such as letting them add extra sauce, and complained that prices had increased.

Pizza Hut has since reverted to the earlier version of the website until the bugs in the upcoming version are fixed, a spokesperson confirmed to CHOICE.

The fast food chain also revealed in a statement that it was having problems with its credit card processing system.

"Pizza Hut takes customer service very seriously and apologises sincerely for any inconvenience caused to our loyal customers. The technical issues have been resolved and we have reached out to every customer affected and full refunds/voids have been put in place.

"At no point was any customer data at risk and there were no security breaches."

The fast food chain is asking any customers who were affected to email them at: