Why iiNet is the best NBN provider in Australia

Check out how it compares to other big name brands for speed and satisfaction.

Speed and satisfaction

We test the speed of connection in homes around Australia and ask you to rate your satisfaction with your NBN provider, then wrap it up for you to answer an important question: which NBN provider should you go with?

Best NBN provider for the past 6 months – iiNet

iiNet has recorded the best satisfaction rating from their customers and the best speed scores from our technical measurements over the past six months, measured from January to June 2018.

Compare NBN providers

Best NBN provider in Australia Jan–Jun 2018
Brand Overall Speed score
past 6 mths
Satisfaction Plans
iinet logo
plans now
TPG logo
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Telstra logo
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plans now

Why we've partnered with WhistleOut

We've partnered with search engine WhistleOut to help you find and buy the right plan for you. The 'compare plans' links in the above table will take you to their site. While we make money if you buy through WhistleOut, this doesn't influence our rankings. 100% of the money we make goes straight back into our nonprofit mission.

Which NBN plan should I sign up to?

Great question! We collate all the best plans in our Best NBN plans article. These are updated monthly as a result of the changing speed scores over the month.

We also break out plans based on the technology that connects your home to the NBN, where available.

Where does CHOICE get these numbers?

Speed score

We partner with HonestyBox to collect the speed data from our wonderful volunteers (more than a thousand and growing). We'll be updating these numbers every six months on this page.

Satisfaction score

Our satisfaction data is collected every few years in a survey of a couple of thousand people and published in our Internet service provider satisfaction survey from 2017. 

Overall score

We combine speed scores with satisfaction scores, weight them equally and deliver an overall score that's a good guide towards selecting a good NBN provider.

Why don't you cover my NBN provider?

Smaller ISPs tend not to have as many subscribers so it's more difficult to find enough volunteers to measure speed, or enough survey respondents to get meaningful satisfaction results. For statistical accuracy, we've had to exclude some results where there hasn't been enough data collected to provide a fair representation. 

If you're interested in your particular plan, you can check out our broadband provider review where we have results for more providers (such as SkyMesh, Dodo and Internode), though they won't have satisfaction scores.

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