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Home theatre system reviews

Last updated: 18 February 2016

Bring the spectacle of a cinema into the family room by finding a home theatre system to complement your flat screen TV. We’ve reviewed seven models from the four leading manufacturers to help ease the buying process. Learn how to set up your home theatre system by reading our 'how to' guide as well as a background on how we test each system.

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Covered in our review are 5.1 and 7.1 channel home theatre systems from Samsung, Panasonic, Yamaha and LG. Testers conduct in-depth reviews to find the models that:

  • produce the best quality sound
  • are the easiest to set up
  • use the least amount of electricity
  • best play DVDs and Blu-rays

Our review summarises each model's strengths and weaknesses, identifies how well they work (or don't) with devices such as smartphones and makes it easy to identify the models with wireless rear speakers.

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Wireless surround speakers


Smartphone remote control app
Has room calibrator

Test results

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  • Overall score
  • Listening panel score
  • Remote control score
  • Ease of use score
  • Standby energy score
  • Damaged DVD playback score
  • Claimed maximum stereo output power
  • Playable DVD regions
  • Average DVD load time
  • Average BD load time
  • Good points
  • Bad points
  • Recommended
  • BD player has HDMI in
  • BD player has Toslink in
  • BD player has digital RCA audio in
  • Front speaker type
  • Front speaker cable length (m)
  • Centre speaker Wall mountable
  • Centre speaker Cable length m
  • Surround speaker Type
  • Surround speaker Drivers
  • Surround speaker assembly required
  • Surround speaker wall mountable
  • Surround speaker cable length m
  • Subwoofer power source
  • Subwoofer direction of fire
  • Subwoofer nominal impedance
  • Subwoofer cable length (m)
  • Warranty (yrs)
  • Country of manufacture
  • Other contents
  • Optical drive
  • Speaker configuration
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Speaker impedance
  • BD player dimensions
  • Wi-Fi
  • Smartphone remote control app
  • HDMI inputs
  • Speaker dimensions, front (cm)
  • Speaker dimensions, centre (cm)
  • Speaker dimensions, surround (cm)
  • Wireless surround speakers
  • Subwoofer dimensions
  • Total standby energy consumption
  • Total output power claimed (W)
  • Total output power claimed qualifications
  • BD player tuner
  • BD player speaker connectors
  • Wi-Fi direct
  • Bluetooth
  • Lip sync adjustment
  • BD player has RJ45 ethernet
  • BD player has DLNA
  • BD player has smart apps
  • BD player has 3D
  • BD player claims 2D-3D
  • BD player has USB front
  • BD player has USB rear
  • BD player has card reader
  • BD player has RCA stereo in
  • BD player has composite RCA video out
  • Front speaker drivers
  • Front speaker assembly required
  • Front speaker wall mountable
  • Centre speaker drivers
  • Has room calibrator
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