Is your mega movie and music collection too massive to move onto your tablet? If so, the Seagate Wireless Plus may be the answer. This battery-powered 1TB portable hard drive creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot, so you just need to load your videos, music and documents onto the drive to stream or transfer them directly to your tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop computer or Samsung Smart TV. As long as you're within range of the Wireless Plus you can stream just about anything.

Each charge has enough battery power  for a claimed 10 hours of video streaming, and you can stream movies to three devices simultaneously within the range of a local (802.11n) Wi-Fi network. You can connect up to eight devices at the same time, but the more you connect the less bandwidth each device has to share. This can slow down streaming speed, which is why there's a three-device maximum for streaming – this is a typical limitation of Wi-Fi technology, not the device.

Transferring content

Getting your content onto the device from your desktop or laptop is fast if you're using the device's USB 3.0 connection, or you can transfer to the Seagate over Wi-Fi. The drive is formatted as NTFS to get the most out of its 1TB capacity. For Mac users, Seagate includes a version of the Paragon NTFS for Mac utility, customised for Seagate devices only (OS X can read – but not write – NTFS natively).

The drive is accessible on tablet and smartphone through the Seagate Media app for iOS and Android, while laptop and desktop computers can use a web browser. Although the Seagate connects to your computer over Wi-Fi, you can also connect to the internet at the same time via a clever pass-through feature. Just connect to the device first using the app followed by your local network.

CHOICE verdict

With the pocket-sized Wireless Plus, Seagate has made a good mobile solution even better: you don't have to pick and choose what media to take with you on the road now – you can just take the lot! Well, up to 1TB anyway.