Large computer monitors – what we found

HD vs 4K – what's best for you?

Screening process

Up until recently, most monitors fell into one of three categories:

  • General use (web browsing, email, casual gaming).
  • Serious/competitive gaming.
  • Design, photo and video editing.

While these are still relevant, a fourth category has emerged, thanks in part to bigger screen sizes:

  • The TV substitute. 

A large monitor can be a decent alternative for a TV in small apartments, bedrooms or university dorms, for example. Most have multiple HDMI inputs and audio out, so you can connect various devices and external speakers. High-definition (HD) is no longer the only option either, as more and more manufacturers are releasing large 4K UHD screens, which can deliver double the resolution of HD. 4K was a pretty expensive alternative in years gone by, but we've since found a few models that cost less than $600. The question is, are they any good?

Check out our large computer monitor reviews so you can find an HD or 4K model that suits your needs, or read on for all the unique details we uncovered during our test, including an answer to whether you can pick up a decent 27- or 28-inch 4K monitor for under $600.

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